10 AWFUL Sports Teams SUFFOCATING A Great Player

What other awful sports teams only have one great player?

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Your coach always told you there’s no “I” in team. Okay, so some of us played on teams as kids where one guy was the whole team. But for professional sports squads? You have to build up a crew of many stars, not just one.

Some sports teams are learning this the hard way. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we take a look at 10 awful sports teams with one great player.

And a big shoutout to Nathan Hernandez for suggesting this video!

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Host + Editor: Justin Fraction
Written By: Alex Hoegler

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18 Responsesso far.

  1. Boss Lax316 says:

    Haha, Andrew luck good. Yeah right

  2. ReppinCHA says:

    If these great players leave their teams, how will these teams get any better??

  3. _Adrian_ 07 says:

    green bay packers aaron rodgers

  4. Benny Hill says:

    Facts unsurprising why the pats didn't snacth Evans up

  5. Jonathan Gutierrez says:

    Top 10 Great-looking Preseason Rosters that failed to perform in the Regular Season

  6. distantlogik says:

    #1 should be Mike Trout on the Angels. Ohtani is still wait and see, and no pitching whatsoever. You can also start to make a case for Aaron Rodgers.

  7. 1998 Honda CR-V says:

    It’s actually getting better for the knicks……..

  8. Mario L says:

    I’m an Angels fan and I better see the Angels on this list.

  9. darryl perry says:

    Charlotte hornets and Kemba Walker

  10. white wa1e says:

    All these NBA players and NOT John Wall

  11. Daniel Smith says:

    Let’s pump the brakes on the 2015 Hawks being “elite”

  12. Joshua Cochran says:

    Up until this year, Joe Thomas on the Browns. Poor guy.

  13. TheBanana Thrower says:

    Number 10 you calling ty hilton trash

  14. Penroy Moonbeam says:

    There is no time in team. But there is a me in there.

  15. Dylan B says:

    I understand that he retired but Joe Thomas on the Cleveland Browns should be number 1…. I understand that he retired but he's arguably the greatest left tackle of all time and he was on the worst team in the NFL during his career…. Like damn my Browns suck

  16. TheJkisboss says:

    No mike trout?

  17. Brian C says:

    Do 10 best families in MLB

  18. Dominic Falk says:

    Can you do sports teams that are great in the regular season but choke in the playoffs?