16 Most Overrated Travel Destinations in the World!

In this video we ask the top travel experts from around the world where they think the most overrated travel destinations are – so you don’t have to find out the hard way!


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  1. Bottom line: every well known city or attaction is packed with tourists and overrated. Just saved you 20 minutes

  2. It doesn't fair to qualify that way the Yucatan peninsula, based only on the beaches of Cancun, Playa, Tulum, etc… That's only the high tourist spots and apparently, the only places that Americans know, they are also part of the state of Quintana Roo. The Peninsula consists of 3 States that are Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, if people go deeper into the other states, they would have a better experience, where there's a lot of culture, cenotes, caves, experiences, and archaeological zones

  3. I agree about Athens being dirty but I do find it a very interesting city. Maybe one needs to explore a bit and not go only to the touristic spots 🙂

  4. Someone who says Prague is expensive has definitely lost control over his life 😱 I stayed there for 4 days an it was SO cheap. You have to explore the whole city and not just the touristy spots. And that's the thing with all places in the world: start exploring and not just chasing after those instagram worthy places!

  5. Kate and nate said a lot of good and nice things about the philippines. Although, i agree that it is over-rated because its too chaotic and all, but i hope you never said nice things about how you like the country in your philippines videos. Otherwise, you just wanted all the clicks.

  6. I agree about Bali dirty overrated about Greece I agree totally but the only excuse I will give is the promo of the only two island they promote Santorini and Mykonos ,
    The one is over crowed and Mykonos is only for parties and sex 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. We have thousand of islands much much cheaper you can expirience the whole local cuisine
    Or the best rent a yatch and travel around all these islands💪🏻🙌🏻

  7. My experience with bali wasn't that great. i didn't find spiritual or has tranquility because it was so noisy with the motorcycles and i hated transportation there. i think its nice to stay in a nice hotel and do go out

  8. It's not because you went to a shitty town that the whole country is. Furthermore, most of them complained about some places being overcrowded but I would like to know when did they go to those places ? Because of cours if you during high period of tourism the experience won't be the same as if you went during a low period. I'd also like to see how those blogger behaved in those countries because as a Parisian, I can assure you that some tourists behave like complete jerk and forget that they are not home

  9. I love Vagabrothers videos and I am a proud subscriber. You guys have introduced me to places and cultures I have never considered. This video threw me for a loop though. Never been one to focus on the negative. There is already too much of that out there. People tend to hear one or two negative things about a person, place, idea, culture, etc that they have no prior knowledge of and they ready to write it off. Continue to encourage people to try new things.

  10. Oh come on? 😀 Prague and expensive? Not if you are smart and do your research. <3 Watch the Honest Guide 😉

  11. I already guess that bali gonna be 1 in this list,.., as indonesian, we also feel the same thing
    Not bali it self, but number of tourist make me think twice to go to bali even though my place to bali only 25min by airplane but i never visit it.,
    Even many travel vlog from indonesia say that “if local indonesian go to bali, then we will become foreigner in our own country”., you go to beach everyone speak foreign language, You go to bar you’ll become a stranger weirdo surrounding by tall, white, brown people (no racist), also many restaurants and hotel quite injustice for local traveller, if we book the table/room, they’ll prioritize the best spot for foreign tourist especially aussie (it’s fact)
    Bali is good tho if you’re foreigner, also cheap, they depend on foreign tourist arrival so they not gonna make you disappointed., but for local indonesian bali is not top priority, indonesia have a lot of place to visit., come and explore my country.,, ✌️

  12. Hey guys, I loved the video. I traveld through 21 countries and I must add my home: Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Rio is like Paris, beautiful in movies, terrible to visit nowadays. :/
    I no loger live in the city and I think you can have GREAT experience inside the state in some cities like Cabo Fri/Buzios/Arraial do Cabo and take a walk in the hills and mountains.
    See you.

  13. I was scheduled to stay in Bali for two months but left after three weeks. I did enjoy wandering in Sidemen, Amed (+Lempuyang), and Padangbai(!), and would recommend visiting Nusa Penida. But, I was so ready to leave Bali. Also, I loved Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's so diverse and multicultural. And, the food there is simply yum!

  14. Taj mahal is actually overrated. It's just for clicking that picture. Other than that it's very dirty. The best places to visit in India is kashmir, himachal, rajasthan, northeast,goa, Sikkim, uttarakhand, ladakh, kerala and Andaman. And if u got time then spend spend atleast 2 to 3 weeks per sites. Although it's improbable to get that much time but it will worth it. Because here u can see all types of landscape and natural beauty.

  15. Have only been to Rome in Italy but would have to agree its overrated, definitely not a place im in a rush to go back to

  16. Of course New Yorkers are full of themselves. NYC is by far the greatest place on this planet. If you lived in the greatest place in the history of the world, you would be full of yourself too.

  17. They'll put down cities in the U.S.A but will put down entire countries on the other side of the world, if you are going to fair, put down cities only! You cannot write off entire countries like Philippines and Thailand, there is so much more to explore outside of its main cities!

  18. Basically all the famous tourist hotspots are insanely overrun with visitors….with a little research people can find delightful gems elsewhere.


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