25 Rookie Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

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My TOP 25 Rookie / Beginner Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your travels! Learn from my mistakes, these are all things I’ve done and learnt from.

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16 Responsesso far.

  1. Hey Nadine says:

    Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE (and click the bell) for all new Travel Advice & Adventure Videos from me!

  2. Jazz Silas says:

    love the top ??

  3. Alanna Mendez says:

    Awesome tips thank you love your Channel

  4. Tripping High says:

    Always carry food with u. N tea/coffee stuff . U never know how your day is going to go and whether or not you will like the local cuisine. No harm in packing some extra food just in case

  5. Nadiya Eli Capaldi says:

    I wonder how many people who've watched this and are sagittarius (me included haha)

  6. Celina Eines says:

    I've travelled a lot but I've never experienced that my bank stops my bankcard. That must me an American thing

  7. Roxanne Young says:

    You are terribly young to have so much common sense! Bravo.

  8. DejaJustineENT says:

    where can I purchase the shirt you are wearing?

  9. SeeMeRollinTheyHatin says:

    Regarding the ATM tip – I thought some places charged you for using your credit card?

  10. BeckyP InCalifornia says:

    My Tip: Take a day off, once a week … to take care of housekeeping, laundry, extra sleep, etc. I personally like to sleep, have breakfast in bed, read up on local history and special sights to see. After, I have recharged, go out to see or do something I had not thought of in my original plans.

    On my last jam-packed trip to India, I usually travelled (solo) every two days either by overnight train or a short flight, or an 8 hour drive to get to a really out-of-the-way place. I included a day off, once a week, otherwise I would have been exhausted!

    This is particularly important when travelling with another person. You can go your separate ways, to do anything you want, without bruising your relationship.

  11. Ashley Hertz - Holistic Lifestyle says:

    Great advice! I wish I had known some of these tips when I started traveling as well… I've had to learn the hard way for most of them as well. Also, I love your map shirt!

  12. Hunter French says:

    Don't forget to set alarms if you have to catch planes trains boats etc the next day, especially if your departure is very early. When visiting Peru my friends and I had to catch a train from Cusco to aguas calientes (the town nearest to Machu Picchu) at 5:30 am, and we forgot to set our alarm to wake up. It was a stroke of luck that a rooster crowed at like 5 and woke us up, and we were staying at a hostel that was very near the train station, but our adventure came very close to having a very disappointing dead end. Always double check your alarms right before going to bed

  13. Gaby says:

    Depending on your bank you can exchange/order the money from the bank at home

  14. SMOKING GAR says:

    me and all my girl friends take along 4-5 small hydration bags and mark then ( water, booze, juices )

  15. SMOKING GAR says:

    knowing the country $$$ i.e. ( $ 100,000.00 or $ 10,000.00 ) , know where you are going when using a taxi ( drivers will go the long way to get you there costing you more. )

  16. Martin Liza says:

    if you are planning on bringing alcohol from the country that you are visiting, Duty Free is your go to store!!

    If you are in Europe, make sure you carry a physical copy of the metro routes with you. Also make sure you highlight the nearest metro station from your hotel.