Activist pleased with Syria strike, says more can be done

Mouaz Moustafa of the Syrian Emergency Task Force explains.

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20 Responsesso far.

  1. Nelson King says:

    The only journalist on Fox News bold enough to ask questions about Syria is Tucker Carlson. The problem with Fox is that they only air one point of view on this matter. Judging from this you'd think people in Syria are against Assad but no.
    Most people in Syria actually support Assad. The USA doesn't like that because Assad is no puppet.
    Russia needs to deliver those S300 fast!

  2. live oak says:

    Our military should not be following illegal orders. Congress decides on military actions not the President. Syria has not attacked our country nor our bases in other countries. Our military leadership is not under civilian control — it is rogue. The soldiers have a Constitutional duty to stand down.

  3. aubi faedra says:

    another CIA stooge.

  4. ranko 67 says:

    Good job Americans terrorists is your friend.

  5. Marta Lubowska says:

    Arabs are sick on a head. Period.

  6. fdone W. says:


  7. Fiddleplayer7 says:

    This guy works with macain and isis

  8. Gordon Shepard says:

    Fox loves war , remember Desert Storm

  9. Spirit Journey says:

    “Activists” … shameful.

  10. Program Manager says:

    trump has bomb the ISIS storage and he is bring the troops back.

  11. Lendzemo Joachimkimeng says:

    lies lies lies lies lies lies shame on u shame on u shame on u criminals same lies u told in iraq shame on u fox news shame on u mustafa

  12. David Johnson says:

    If your happy, get a gun and go to the front line yourself

  13. King Yashua says:

    Nuk Suten Imtu Nu Ra…


  14. Johannes Löw says:

    finally fox degenerates into an al kaida prop outlet

  15. Artemirr Lazaris says:

    So since the aggressive implementation and take over by asaitics and more, look at Microsoft and google chrome, endless popus up for each other, this then forces users to use another browser, it's the owrst business practice, becaue it angers people, thus they would go to a tor, or bpn , o a private or most case firefox, which data minies peoples comps, lol. o fuck this bullshit in teh state of governance, these people are forcing a conflict form their bullshit.. wow..

  16. Douglas Vasey says:

    I am Canadian. I am against, corruption, lying politicians and false flags. The answer may be the Nuclear destruction of Washington, New York and London.

  17. Stay Patriot says:

    it was a Military Success– the LIbs hate that more than anything. Trolls>>> 'why should we believe THIS guy.. he isn't a 'journalist' * Nicky Haley be glad to know she is a 'war-hawk'– Libs you are useless– to everybody.

  18. Jon Obester says:

    Wait a minute. CONGRESS DECLARES WAR, not the Idiot in Chief of the Day! And what a spineless bunch of creeps THEY are. After that last Frontline made me want to puke, and then The Don's gaudy announcement of war with Syria, it becomes clarified. Whatever happened to CIVILIAN CONTROL OF THE MILITARY?? And now THEY are out of control. Don't get me wrong, because I am a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, but they have been operating with a blank check for years, and withOUT accountability. They need to be audited inside and out. And STAND DOWN! Start asking yourself why pretty much the rest of the world hates us. Think it might have something to do with Corporate Imperialism and covert, unreported operations, coups and assassinations by our CIA

  19. Superb Kids TV says:

    I don't hate Syria. But, I'm showing humanity.

  20. Matthew O says:

    Fox is on full propaganda mode trying to convince Trump to keep striking Syria. FUCK YOU!