Ali Banat Wife, Net Worth, Used Cars, Home, Family, Age, Biography, Lifestyle News

The Abundant World Presents, Ali Banat Wife, Net Worth, Used Cars, Home, Family, Age, Biography, Lifestyle News.

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The slides that are used in this video is totally mine. I have made analysis on Google Wikipedia and newspaper to make this video. And all the pictures are taken from Google images. The pictures are fairly used for making this video as this is an analysis type video.Thank you Goole for providing this pictures. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Thank you.? for the information of a great person.who had all material gains but parted with it for GOOD of human-kind…
    The Gift of God ….the cancer..
    as he called it..
    The realisation that life itself is a gift of God more worth than any material wealth ..

    You will be remembered
    Ali Banats …. ??
    May you Rest in PEACE..

  2. الله يرحمك و يغفر لك و يحسن اليك و يجعل مثواك الجنة إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

  3. I can't believe this idiot and so many more idiots like him go to Africa and help people to make even more babies, stop helping them and let them think about the consequences of having too many children, we get too many of those kind of welfare system cheaters here in the UK. Fucking begers, they have kids but someone else pays for their kids food and maintenance. Low life and low mentality.

  4. Do dua that Allah (swt) grants him the highest rank in Jannah ?? stop with all these videos, Putting music with his pictures etc…


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