Apex’s next event may have a Treasure Hunter theme, according to data miners

From a Legendary Hunt to a Roaring Twenties-inspired Soirée, Apex Legends’ occasions have a central motif that provides every one its personal taste. Apex data miners may have uncovered the theme for the next event—and it’s as if Indiana Jones himself got here to the Apex Games.

The next event may have a Treasure Hunter theme, based mostly on findings from a number of data miners. Extracted property appear to have a frequent theme impressed by relic looking and the sport information listing a new event as “Treasure Hunter.”

Shrugtal, one in all Apex‘s most prolific data miners, shared that the loot crate file lists an event referred to as “treasure_hunter.” Fellow data miner Biast12 uncovered the visible for a particular event-themed loot tick, additionally below the title of Treasure Hunter. The loot tick’s texture seems to be a map that exhibits the identify of a number of World’s Edge POIs. Biast12 noticed The Dome, Lava City, and Skyhook, however it’s potential that there are extra references to the sector.

Biast12 beforehand uncovered an unused animation for Loba, which exhibits the character stealing an object from an altar. Shrugtal uncovered an unreleased banner pose that exhibits Loba stealing an urn with an Anubis imprint on it, and it’s possible that the 2 refer to the identical beauty: an animated banner pose that exhibits Loba pocketing the urn.

Hunting for beneficial loot is a core theme in Apex‘s fifth season, Fortune’s Favor, which launched orphan-turned-thief Loba Andrade as its newest legend. The menu display screen additionally options piles of gold cash and a strong gold Nessie within the background as a potential nod to the theme.

The alternative of a Treasure Hunter theme may be a reference to Loba’s authentic design. The character was conceived as a treasure hunter, however it didn’t please preliminary testers. Respawn determined to tweak the legend to grow to be the very best thief within the Frontier.

But the treasure looking motif doesn’t cease there. The Battle Pass comprises a sequence of cosmetics that hark again to the ideas of exploration and tomb raiding. Pathfinder’s Treasure Trove banner exhibits a pile of loot comparable to the one in the principle menu and a number of other weapon charms reference attempting to find relics—and even two not-at-all-subtle references to Indiana Jones within the type of a whip and hat gun charms.

Despite “Treasure Hunter” being listed within the recreation information, the event may have a completely different identify. The loot crate file, for instance, makes use of System Override’s full identify however lists the Holo-Day Bash below the working title of “Christmas 2019.” There’s clear proof of a frequent thematic over the course of the season, nevertheless.

Respawn hasn’t formally confirmed the existence of the gathering event or its theme. But up to now, the studio has been reliably launching new occasions across the course of the season. The next event shouldn’t be too far off and its launch date could possibly be related to the unlocking of loot bunkers which might be unfold out throughout Kings Canyon.

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