Ari Shaffir live in studio on Punch Drunk Sports

Punch Drunk Sports: An All Things Comedy video podcast with hosts Jayson Thibault, Ari Shaffir, and Johnny Woodard!

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22 Responsesso far.

  1. name49 says:

    FUCK THAT about tweeting Sam "nice things". He's a grown fucking adult!! Absolutely no one should kiss his ass for acting like retarded child all the time. Let him leave.

  2. Birdie Pierce says:

    just let Ari know… we totally quit watching after a few minutes TOO LONG of his disgusting spitting and slurping bullshit … just very unenjoyable to observe and his humor is NOT worth the grossout.

  3. Garlic Yum says:

    this show just isnt the same without Sam

    It's a thousand times better!

  4. Jeffrey Myles says:

    Is Jt morphing into Theo Von?

  5. Prince Mauhdi III says:

    i don't get the inside joke of randomly showing your dock and balls to your friends any chance you get. and as much as he does, they still look, id just leave the fvkin room.
    and just for saying this, i'll be accused of being a homophobic. what a world this is. but there's VR, potent bud, free trade marketing online, glad to be alive.

  6. Prince Mauhdi III says:

    Jon Jones should try to comeback up to heavyweight for the D.C. trilogy..i know Brock is the money fight for a lot of people, but im really over his wrestling antics, the new generation of ufc fans don't care at all about Brock, nor GSP..its a mistake giving them championship fights out of the blue, like fvk the rankings, and im all for superfights, but Punk and Brock, I don't like theater in the octagon.

  7. messichristy says:

    great pod as usual boys

  8. onetofollow says:

    20 mins in and its already the best episode in weeks. love you ari!

  9. JEREMY Judge says:

    Come back Sam! Get the mic away from johnnys goofy ass lol id love to slap the shit out of him everytime he finishes someones sentence or imterupts!

  10. WE55 says:

    Get Sam back! No Bueno without him

  11. Marcus Elgart says:

    you dumbfucks expect us to give Sam some petty fake compliments so he won't go full retard on punchdrunk? Fuck that, Sam should realize how fortunate he is for once and quit making everything so serious. Bring back the silly!

  12. stallery says:

    Ok I get it Tripoli has some issues but he is super entertaining and without him this show is like watching a couple old ladies dry hump

  13. Conservative Kate says:

    Sam 👍. Ari 👎.

  14. TELEthruVOXx says:

    If it was the holocost you would eat it.

  15. michael rayjr says:

    Ari is so nasty….

  16. Ryan Jacobs says:

    Im allllll for this going forward without sam

  17. Christian Valle says:

    No Sam is wack

  18. Hingle McCringleberry says:

    Sam dishes it out but god forbid he has to take it he flips. When someone else is paying off bag of bets….Sam has all these rules. It has to be videotaped and we arent gonna put a shock collar on your neck where a collar goes…no we are gonna shock your balls. When it’s Sam paying off a bet….if anyone tries to implement those same rules he flips out. I’m so tired of him and walking out. Glad he is not here even if temporary

  19. chris fisher says:

    Ari in studio and no sam equals best episode ever

  20. Jacob G says:

    Sam is the best woooh! He is so awesome and cool and a good guy! Like Brody!

  21. Nick Martinez says:

    I fuckin love the amount of views punch drunk is getting in a short amount of time cuz people want to see if Sam came back. Keep on coming boys. This podcast deserves a bigger audience

  22. Rik Me says:

    Is Sam OK? I thought comics fucking with each other is what makes this funny or is he fearing the hotdogs?