Best Travel Favorites Spring 2018

This Spring 2018 Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers share their travel favorites, from top destinations to favorite apps and Netflix shows. Grab a chair and get ready to chill!


+ Fes, Morocco:
+ Tuscany Vlogs:
+ Bird App:
+ Strava App:
+ Monkii Bars (Use the code VAGAMONKII for a 20% discount):
+ Pocket Monkey (Kickstarter Campaign):
+ iLife Robotic Vacuum:
+ Chris Ramsay:
+ Spatial Soulutions:
+ Alex’s Photos:
+ Cooking Classes in Spain:
+ Podcast: “Food: A Cultural Culinary History”:
+ HBO: “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling”:
+ Netflix: “Godless”
+ Cook Book: “The 4 Hour Chef” by Tim Ferriss:
+ Audible: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson:
+ Basque Beret:
+ Allbirds Shoes:




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19 Responsesso far.

  1. vagabrothers says:

    Tell us which favorite you liked the most! Comment below!!! Stay curious & keep exploring Vagabuddies!

  2. Anteater23 says:

    How on earth do people manage to travel the world for an extended period of time? How do you juggle university, your job, having enough money before hand and having enough money throughout to enjoy yourself.

  3. wayfarer says:

    Nothing than words

  4. TaylorAuld Electric says:

    Ride on Marco!! Beardies have to stick together lol

  5. LoveMoreJudgeLess says:

    Hi guys! Another great video! I tried to visit the shop on your website but that tab wouldn’t load. All the other tabs did but not the shop. I want to check out your prints. Great job guys! So proud of how far you’ve come.

  6. makutxe says:

    I'm from the Basque Country and I want to thank you for showing our culture and land to the world!

  7. Funky Barany says:

    do a video about Best Experiences that we had

  8. adrii40craft says:

    Way too much trying to sell things

  9. Drago G says:

    Guys thank you very much for your recommendations on Travel Insurance! I've been looking all over the net with no real success. You're recommendation from your description was perfect. I'll definitely be using them from now on.

  10. Jade Upton says:

    Hey guys I would love to see a behind the scenes video of the process you go through from deciding what place to visit, how you research where to stay, booking flights etc. usually we get to see a video where you introduce a new place, but would love to see the journey from the conception of your idea to visit that country or place to actually arriving there. Hope that makes sense. Keep up the great videos. Lots of love from Auckland Nz

  11. Matthew Pettersen says:

    I like your videos but if u keep commercializing your videos the way you’ve been doing, I’m gone.

  12. Physics Only says:

    "You have to use an oldschool map to get around" O well guess that rules me out

  13. natureallmighty says:

    Fes looks amazing! I love having to go to an old school map, those rarely fail me, Google maps on the other hand has the numbering on my street backwards 😀 Thank you for the food podcast, I'm digging in it now! YES to a seasonal favourites video!

  14. Emma Brooks says:

    "living in a dustball" ??

  15. Andrew Parsons says:

    Video is difficult to hear. ?

  16. Laura Gariepy says:

    For sure will be listening to that food podcast! Although I have to finish the History of Japan podcast before that. Lets just say, i am definitely adding it to my list

  17. CL XK says:

    It’s funny to watch the iconic tees (i.e: the traveler tee) move from brother to brother…curious if you guys still “borrow” from each other

  18. James Walker says:

    Favourites has a U

  19. Rosa Belén Chamorro says:

    Wow an awsome video guys! I've to go to Marocco or Italy?? and February it's perfect to travel!!