BREAKING NEWS: New Zealand PM condemns Christchurch mosque attacks

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has condemned attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, which killed at least 49 people and wounded dozens more.

She sent her “thoughts and prayers” to those affected, and confirmed that the national threat level has now been raised from low to high, in order to provide greater protection for the public.

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  1. What happened in New Zealand is what so many Muslims & others fear every day.

    A white supremacist will take their lives because of who they are and what they believe.

    Racism. Xenophobia. Islamophobia. All of it contributed to this unspeakable tragedy.

  2. the shooter was targeting on muslims , so its pretty much obvious they he had a motivation behind it , political one or religion one , and the attack was not motivated by race or anything , cuz the victims were all mixed race , so it was a terrorist attack , it was not just shooting or mass shooting ,

  3. Hundreds of Muslims murdered by other Muslims in terror attacks and hardly gets a mention. White Supremacists kills Muslims and now we must be all outraged.

    Terror attacks.
    Muslims kill non Muslims = outrage
    Non Muslims kill Muslims = outrage
    Muslims killing Muslims = So, what!

  4. this is a christian terrorist attack its not a violnce its a terrorist attack now where is your basterd america who says muslim is terrorist this is the reality of christanity

  5. Ban religion. Killing to prove one made up religion is better than another made up religion, must stop!

  6. As Steve Bannon put it, there are two major threats to humanity in today's world: state capitalism and Islamic extremism.

  7. Sad and heartbreaking! And even in the face of death they welcomed him as a brother in the mosque. Sad day for sure. This is terrorism and we need to fight it.

  8. Why not now the biased media call them a Christian terrorist or Jewish terrorist or hindu terrorist???? Such a hypothetical world.


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