Captain Man & Kid Danger Time Travel & Meet Themselves ⏳ | Henry Danger | Nick

What happens when Kid Danger (Jace Norman) and Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) travel through time and meet themselves?! Basically, four very confused dudes try to make sense of what’s going on. Would you rather go back in time to twenty minutes ago or twenty years ago? ???? Aren’t two Jaces better than one!?! ???? Let us know in the comments below and catch more Henry Danger on Nick!

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26 Responsesso far.

  1. Queen Ofri says:

    Love u????????????

  2. Виктория {ROSE} says:

    Я тут одна русская?

  3. VictoriaJustice Fan says:

    Cool video 57th comment

  4. girl. tv says:

    Я люблю этот сериал. какая это серия и сезон?

  5. Phoenix Mayor says:

    Why didnt they both fight drex

  6. Dante Sparda says:

    Cool ….♥

  7. Rekha Ramjathan says:

    When are these new episodes coming our I need to know because Nickelodeon is so boring without the new episodes please tell me

  8. Sofia Kt Simon says:

    Finally Im early! YAS!!!

  9. jhay Bautista Manalo says:

    cool… fantastic

  10. Michal Desat says:

    i love nickleodeon like??

  11. miranda gonzalez says:

    My favorite part is that Ray and captain man says they're handsome??????

  12. Vitoria Teixera says:

    Adorei ameiiiiiii te amo os dois

  13. Zeyad981 says:

    Drex is back?!? Isn’t he Frozen?

  14. Esther Cho says:

    The two Jaces is my favorite part

  15. laiba yavr says:

    Full episode is my fave❤

  16. iTz Bleu says:

    This Is SO Cool

  17. journey riddle says:

    Am tollay going to see this the Second time

  18. John Manning says:

    I Still Totally Think That Maybe It Would’ve Been A Lot Cooler If Game Shakers Could’ve Just Kept On Doing More Crossovers With Henry Danger

  19. cool maste says:

    could be put subtitle Spanish?

  20. Mariah Bento says:

    64 Muse and 111 likes that does not make sense.

  21. Hajar Bourqiba says:


  22. GalaxyGlowGurl the best says:

    We’re twenty minutes older


  23. Amyah Shepard says:

    He said your so hansom?

  24. Nightain nightmare XD says:

    Hi Nickelodeon also ich spreche deutsch aber ich LIEEEBEEEE DIE SERIE HENRY DANER ???❤ bin wohl die einzige die Grad deutsch spricht ??

  25. Fortnite Gaming With Browcle says:

    Sometimes I wonder am I to old for this..Meh

  26. Nickelodeon says:

    What was your FAVORITE part of Back to the Danger?! ?