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Current beauty, fashion and lifestyle favorites including a new favorite coffee drink, new palette, and new foundation! Plus some fashion that doesn’t suck!

Things Worn/Mentioned:

➪ My top is from Good To Be
➪ Lovers & Friends Yellow dress
➪ Lovers & Friends Lilac/White dress
➪ Sunday Riley Influencer Foundation (Shade 120 or 130)
➪ Ember mug
➪ Ember travel mug
➪ Rimmel x Kate Moss contour palettes
➪ Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil
➪ Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette
➪ Sigma E15 Brush
➪ Lipsense but I buy them from Winx Lash
➪ Premier Protein + 2 iced espresso shots
➪ Alex’s channel (where I found the coffee recipe)
➪ My lip color in this video is: Essence In The Nude lipliner with Bite Beauty Brioche on top

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27 Responsesso far.

  1. Linda James says:

    You look So Pretty Kristina😊❗️❗️❗️Like your faves😊
    Texas Lady😊

  2. Efpol says:

    The dresses look so gorgeous on you Kristina xx

  3. lmn1210 says:

    a) that shirt!!! b)fluffy baha c) you are looking amazing, whatever haha

  4. Jennifer Garza says:

    Love your recommendations. What size did you get in the blouse you’re wearing? We are about the same size and I’m not sure what size to get.

  5. Laurie W says:

    Which Nespressp pods do you use for your coffee? I purchased a Nespresso machine, but have not really found a coffee I like yet. Suggestions?

  6. Alexa Wyrwicz says:

    Your top is stunning 😻 I would love if you took a look at my new lookbook x

  7. Brewer Family Fun says:

    Hi! I’ve wanted to ask you about Lipsense for a long time and your thoughts but haven’t because I know some people really dislike MLMs. Anyhow, I have most of the ones you do but I would recommend Bella as well. It’s my favorite color they have and I LOVE it layered with First Love.

  8. nerdlingful says:

    Kristina, do you think you will be using the new Instagram long format app or just sticking to the little shorties?

  9. Raquel Vigott says:

    Love that top!! So cute!!!

  10. Jade Stewart says:

    I've been using lipsense for 16 mos now and I could never use anything else. My favorite colors are goddess, apple cider, and caramel latte. Caramel apple is very popular also. Edit: I don't sell it either.

  11. Kristen Lucia says:

    Where did you get awesome shirt

  12. Julia Sheaks says:

    Love that top on you😘 so cute🤗

  13. Mike Connolly says:

    Can I just say you look absolutely AMAZING in this video!!! Love this vid so much!!!!

  14. Professoringinstyle says:

    Is there another brand of long wearing lipstick you would recommend 🙂 great video! 💗

  15. Cara Corson says:

    Hi Kristina…love you and your videos!!!

  16. heather1879 says:

    That’s my go-to coffee drink in the mornings. It’s so good and I saved a lot of money by NOT stopping by SB on the way to work. Loved this video. Thanks for including some drugstore products. And girl… the lip sense is my favorite. I wear Fly Girl a lot.

  17. Julie Fraioli says:

    Fun vlog, Kristina. I am with you on loving the Benefit Brow, great pencil! That top you're wearing is adorable.

  18. Bmbrown5 says:

    I just recently tried the caramel too.. the best one!

  19. D Kabage says:

    You are my fav.

  20. vallebeth val hairston says:

    Love ur top

  21. christopher allen says:

    Such a great great video! Also I’m here for this look! Stunning.

  22. Billy M says:

    I was shopping in the supermarket across the border (I live in Canada) and purchased 3 Elf brushes just to try them. They were so cheap and didn't expect much, but it was a big surprise! All 3 are better than many expensive ones:)
    The shape of your face is to die for. You can wear literally any hairstyle. My favorite is when it is a slick ponytail (as in this video) as it opens your facial features so your eyes and smile are simply dominating 🙂 Those two dresses are adorable on you!

  23. Laura Blanton says:

    Monthly favorites are ok but I really like seasonal favorites. I prefer to know what you love over few months verses one. This video was awesome!

  24. Stephanie F says:

    Be careful with that Premier Protein, it makes a lot of people break out😫

  25. Traci B says:

    Always so excited to see a post from you! You look so adorable! Love your cute top. I want to try that foundation….I also want to try the Nars radiant foundation. Great video…thank you! 🙂

  26. Elizabeth Leddy says:

    You’re the first person I’ve heard who likes the Sunday Riley Influencer!!! I heard so many negative reviews, I wondered if anyone liked it!

  27. Sherry Cohen says:

    I always enjoy your videos. If you're too busy, it's completely understandable. I don't know how you do it all.