DNA: Non Stop News, June 13, 2018

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  1. What happen with the cobra sting operation done by cobra do dna on that since you guys dont care who die but you guys need money and trp to get famous ha. Show as which news channel have been exposed by cobra tv on you dna.

  2. desh ki neta akhilesh ko apna tiles naltoti desh ke liye chpd nahi sakta kya aise neta desh ki responsibilities dena chahiye

  3. हमारे एक सैनिक को वह मारता है तो हम उसको दो आंतकवादी को मारेंगें लेकिन हम भारत सरकार के मजबूरी में बंधा हुआ हूं

  4. JAI Atal Bihari Vajpayee. BJP Forget VAJPAYEE,,,

    MODI JI PER KOI COMMENT NAHI PER BJP KU AHANKAR Dharma and adharma are essentially about the right and the wrong and often drawing a line between the two is difficult. People often justify their wrong deeds on situational or circumstantial predicaments. But it has to be remembered that right is right and wrong is wrong, circumstances notwithstanding. In the Mahabharata war, the Kauravas led by Duryodhana represented Adharma and Pandavas led by Yudhisthira symbolised Dharma. The epic battle at Kurukshetra is believed to be between Dharma and Adharma and the entire lesson of Gita is about following the path of Dharma which is the basic duty of man. But there is a big question — why did people choose Adharma over Dharma? A very interesting conversation between Krishna and Karna during the Mahabharata gives valuable insights to finding the answer to this basic question. When Krishna tries to find out how a person as noble as Karna is taking the side of Duryodhana who symbolizes Adharma, Karna gives a long reply citing reasons for his disenchantment with Dharma. He says that his mother abandoned him the moment he was born and he could only survive by a quirk of fate. Even though he was not responsible for what had transpired, he was stamped illegitimate. Dronacharya refused to teach him because he was not considered a Kshatriya — even though he actually was. By faking his identity, he could persuade Parashuram to teach him but there also, he ultimately got a curse rather than a blessing once it was discovered that he actually was a Kshatriya. A cow was accidentally hit by his arrow and the owner of the cow cursed him for no fault of his. At Draupadi’s Swayamvara he was disgraced. Later, only to save her sons’ life did Kunti, his mother, accept him as her son. So, whatever he had got was owing to Duryodhana's kind gesture. How could he possibly be wrong for taking the side of Duryodhana? Lord Krishna’s reply to this is worth understanding. He says that he was born in a jail and death was lurking all around him, even before he was born. His brothers and sisters were killed just because they were his siblings. The night he was born he was separated from his parents. He was brought up with poor children and cow herds all around. There were several attempts to kill him even before he could learn to walk. In fact, people would curse him for being the reason for Kans’ wrath on them. He could only receive education when he was 16. He couldn’t marry the girl he loved and had to marry those whom he saved from demons. He had to move his entire community far off to save them from Jarasandh. He was branded a coward for running away from fighting. He was discredited most of times. And he stands to gain nothing from the war. Whether Yudhisthira wins or Duryodhana, Krishna would only remain a bystander. Everyone faces unfairness and challenges in his life — be it Duryodhana or Yudhisthira. Yet to discriminate between right and wrong is one’s wisdom. No matter how bad the circumstances are, your reaction to them is what matters. Life’s unfairness is no reason to side with Adharma. One must be nonplussed by circumstances and follow the path of Dharma. You have the freewill to choose between Dharma and Adharma and your own conscience is your guide. A ‘wrong’ does not give you the right to be wrong.
    BJP considering like Duryodhana one man show like MODI JI face in India And Congress become Krishna keeping other parties alliance Pandavas and 2019 election will be big lose to BJP AHANKARI PARTI only Hindu only Hindu Dear this is 2019 INDIA During maha Baharat no SIKH, MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, DALIT SO, UNDERSTAND THE TIME TABLE AND THE VISION TO VIKAS VIKAS VIKAS NOT HINDU MUSLIM PLEASE JAI HIND JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN JAI HINDUSTAN LOVE INDIA.

    Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein, Kal Ki Baat Puraani Naye Daur Mein Likhenge Milkar Nayi Kahaani Hum Hindustani, Hum Hindustani Aaj Puraani Zanjeeron Ko Tod Chuke Hain Kya Dekhe Us Manzil Ko Jo Chhod Chuke Hain Chaand Ke Dar Pe Jaa Pahuncha Hai Aaj Zamaana Naye Jagat Se Hum Bhi Naata Jod Chuke Hain Naya Khoon Hai, Nayi Umangein, Ab Hai Nayi Jawaani Hum Hindustani Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein, Kal Ki Baat Puraani Naye Daur Mein Likhenge Milkar Nayi Kahaani Hum Hindustani, Hum Hindustani Aao Mehnat Ko Apna Imaan Banaaye Apne Haathon Ko Apna Bhagwaan Banaaye Ram Ki Is Dharti Ko Gautam Ki Bhoomi Ko Sapnon Se Bhi Pyaara Hindustan Banaaye Naya Khoon Hai, Nayi Umangein, Ab Hai Nayi Jawaani Hum Hindustani Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein, Kal Ki Baat Puraani Naye Daur Mein Likhenge Milkar Nayi Kahaani Hum Hindustani, Hum Hindustani Har Zarra Hai Moti, Aankh Uthaakar Dekho Maati Mein Sona Hai, Haath Badhaakar Dekho Sone Ki Yeh Ganga Hai, Chaandi Ki Yamuna Chaaho To Patthar Pe Dhaan Ugaakar Dekho Naya Khoon Hai, Nayi Umangein, Ab Hai Nayi Jawaani Hum Hindustani, Hum Hindustani Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein, Kal Ki Baat Puraani Naye Daur Mein Likhenge Milkar Nayi Kahaani Hum Hindustani, Hum Hindustani JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN AND VIKAS VIKAS VIKAS JAI HIND.

  5. ऐसे करते करते हमारे जवान शहीद हो गए और कितने साल हम tv पर देखेंगे जवानों की शहादत TV pe सलाहकार Mantri का भाषण हमें नहीं सुनना पता नहीं क्यों हमारे देश के जवानों को क्या समझते हैं हमारे बुजुर्गों ने कहा है मर कर कोई जंग जीती नहीं जाती जंग जीती जाती है जिंदा रह कर पत्रकारों को सरकार पर दबाव डालना चाहिए एक भी जवान मरना नहीं चाहिए आई एम सॉरी पूरा DNA देख नहीं रहा हूं चाहे तो सुधीर चौधरी और हमारे मीडिया के सभी चैनल को एक साथ आकर सरकार की मंशा क्या है सैनिकों को लेकर और वह शहीद क्यों हो रहे हैं इसका जवाब मांगे तभी मैं DNA शांति से देख पाऊंगा

  6. five star hotal me iftaar party sala ye chalan kab se h ur ye log india ke logo ka paysa in partiyo me uda rahe h

  7. ye jo purohit ke sath hua wahi jaalsaji ur torchar kathua aaropi ke sath bhi ho raha h.punjab court ur mahbooba unko fasane par tuli h

  8. Teri behen ki choot aklesh behan ki chudai randi ki aulad behan ke laude Aadmi teri behen ki Chod delu kutte ki aulad Yogi

  9. Bjp government not listen. To Army general jawan ### jawan mar rahey hey. Or ye fitness test Ka drama kar rah a hey. Kya drama hey ye. Jawan marna. Ab aaam baat ho gai hey bjp key liye Sabsey Jada. Jawan bjp key Raj Mey shaheed ho rahey hey.

  10. Bjp flop in this issue. Kashmir issue artical 370 Ram mandir black money Dawood Ibrahim. ==== Army jawan. Marry. Aja hey. Action. After ramjaan Army jawan die everyday. But action after ramjaan. Good. Job. Very good job. Bjp keep it up.


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