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  1. Why waste nation's time and money on JPC, when Supreme Court could not find any lacuna in the process of the deal. National Advisory Council interfered with the Government for years having no constitutional authority. Will you ask for JPC probe for every deal Congress Government did during their tenure.

  2. Hello I'm from Iraq
    I'm don't understand any things
    because I'm new in learning English so I'm sorry
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    لان انه جديده بتعلم اللغه الانجليزيه اذا أسفه
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  3. So the Summary is:
    1)Mrs Nirmala dismissed the Hindu media report as half truth, said that PMOs interference in Rafale deal is right as it was the duty of PMO to interfere in such deals and also questioned NAC when Mrs Sonia was the head of it and questioned that it was not even a part of PMO.
    2) Mr. Javedkar has clarified in the Rajyasabha that ordinance or bill on reservation roster in universities and colleges will be brought in to action if the sc stays govt's review petition and also the recruitment process will be held on till clarification is done.
    3)PM Modi visits NE the states of Assam, Arun.Pradesh and Tripura to inaugurate the newly opened Greenfield International airport, all weather tunnel in Arun.Pradesh, inaugurated grid connectivity and laid out foundation stone for NH31 .
    4) PM also accused CM Mamata of siding with the corrupts in Bengal rally.
    5)ED questioned Robert in money laundering case for the third time for a longer period like 9hrs.
    6) SC ordered Kolkata Police Commissioner to co-operate with the CBI probe in relation with Chit fund scam.
    7) Illicit liquor killed many in two of the Western UP districts. And the state govt has suspended the 17 police personnel for not doing their duties rightly.
    8) Rohan Bopanna and David Has won in the tennis title.

    That's all I could recollect and anyone correct me if there's any mistake made above..

  4. Stupid BJD man can't calculate ! 6000/365 days is : 16.4 rupees per day ! not 7 rupees bloody Idiot ! shows what their party is made off ! go back to primary school !

  5. The Hindu Newspaper is like BBC- both have lost credibility of good un-biased journalism ! & the fact that CONgress get's it's info from the media shows how pathetic & desperate they are !

  6. JPC : Junglee Papu COngress probed by aliens ! then Rahul will be happy he gets JPC & he gets his probe ! Nirmala Sitharaman & Smrithi Irani : Remind me of my Nani & Dadi ma's : Powerful women who really can stand their ground ! Truly : You strike a woman you strike a rock !

  7. Wery Good morning Aishwarya – Journalism is only based on sensationalism, the CONgress machine is very ell oiled by black money , dirty money & bribes , because they created the narrative that they are the voice of all sectors outside " Extremist Hindus" so even with hinduism the Nehru-Gandhi family lies they are Hindu's to fool the idiots , keep Hindu's divided by harping on caste & classing the RSS as extremist, likening it to the German SS yet behind the scenes it's this family who has blood on their hands , even the blood of those pro CONgress who where a threat to Nehru-Gandhi Leadership of the party. Latest report by Switzerland shows Modi-jis clamp down on black money deposits in Swiss banks dropped by 34% ! So demonetisation is working it's magic – in subtle ways !

  8. Hindu newspaper be careful…………..
    Lots of upsc aspirants's career in Ur Hands 😂😁😀😁😂😂🤣😃😃🤣😂😁😀

  9. Hindu news paper my foot……if an English news paper wrote something means it will be crystal clear. Rahul ji plzz do home work before addressing media..becoz media also don't have sense what is true and what not


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