Etana – Reggae | Official Music Video

Etana might as well lay her cards out on vinyl records to profess her love for reggae. In her ballad titled “Reggae” the Jamaican songstress pays homage to almost everything that makes a song reggae, down to the strum of a guitar. It’s really a passionate love song to the genre. The video continues the theme with cameos from famous landmarks in reggae history like Tuff Gong studios, Rockers International record store, and the Kingston Dub Club in the Jack’s Hill neighborhood of Kingston.

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13 Responsesso far.

  1. RICHARD ZOLA says:

    Reggae music doesn't get the props it deserves, Reggae music is the most spiritual and realist music in the universal.

  2. German Rasta says:

    Great tks Etana from Germany bless up

  3. sugerlipsx Jamie wright says:

    Beautiful voice truly beautiful music forever straight up! Timeless !x

  4. Ronny Schwob says:

    wow nice and beautiful from germany

  5. gabriel Bill says:

    Basss Up Girl Etana .

  6. Raymah Penny Myers Omeir says:

    My husband & my self hade the blessing to attend her concert her in Nicaragua ?? and it was an awesome experience Etana has a beautiful soul and her music is inspiring for peace and love all around the world

  7. Glaydson Araujo says:

    Etana uma voz inconfundível no reggae muito amor e paz espiritual só os de Jah toca os corações do amor

  8. Maddy Macloud says:

    she is great

  9. Dorrett Harry says:

    Still rocking this on my playlist ♥️?♥️?♥️?

  10. Kenneth Lawen says:

    blessed love empress love straight up from Seychelles.had an awesome tym when you come down to Seychelles for the love

  11. antonio rocha says:

    essa mulher e d+

  12. Essence Duo says:

    This is brilliant production and a well recorded video keep it up.

  13. bos jer says:

    lady i love you !