Here’s The Location Of Destiny 2’s Niobe Labs, But It’s A Puzzle You Probably Can’t Solve

As the clock struck midday ET in the present day, I logged on to Destiny 2 to seek out…completely nothing within the sport to mark the launch of Niobe Labs. But quickly sufficient, Bungie tweeted that Niobe Labs was not a dungeon, a strike or a mission, however as a substitute a puzzle room that when solved, will unlock the Bergusia Forge for your complete playerbase, equally to how the completion of the Last Wish raid by the primary crew unlocked a brand new strike and Gambit map for all gamers.

You are capable of go to Niobe Labs your self if you need, however until you’re a few of Destiny’s most devoted puzzle solvers like Teawrex or Datto there in all probability isn’t all that a lot you’re going to have the ability to do there aside from take a look at a couple of cool symbols and kill a scarce handful of enemies.

Niobe Labs’ location is within the Outskirts of the EDZ, up to now south it’s off the map. You go throughout the bridge and you then’ll discover one other, damaged bridge within the subsequent space that may require you to proceed on foot. Keep going and also you’ll discover some tunnels that may finally lead you to Niobe Labs and at the very least one puzzle room. There are a couple of Fallen there, however not a lot else…for now, anyway.

As I write this I’m split-screen watching Teawrex attempting to determine this out. It has the same mechanic to previous Forge puzzles the place you’ll be able to look by means of the scope of a Black Armory weapon and see hidden symbols on surfaces that aren’t there in any other case. The most superior factor I’ve carried out with that is snipe a couple of symbols within the Forges to unlock secret emblems, however there are literally way more elaborate codes which were deciphered.

This new puzzle appears to be utilizing previous cyphers from the opposite forges that play into this closing puzzle room one way or the other. But as I write this, I’ve not seen anybody make a lot progress as of but.

What to make of this? I imply…I don’t know.

Part of me is having fun with watching my favourite streamers determine this out. But now I’m simply purported to…do what, do milestones and wait? I’d somewhat be really enjoying some form of mission, which might be extra entertaining than watching individuals on stream decipher codes that I’ve a zero% probability of determining myself.

As for what occurs after this, I’m unsure. It says the Bergusia Forge can be unlocked, however I’m unsure if there’s any lead as much as discovering it (it could’t be right here, we’re approach too distant from something). And I’m unsure what occurs after. At the very least, we must always have the ability to open up our unique lockbox for yet one more weapon, at the very least. And technically this must be the “end” of the Black Armory, as the following quest is the Last Word unique quest which ought to function a lead-in to the season of the Drifter.

For now, we simply have to attend. You can discover the Labs your self if you need, however 99.9999% of the neighborhood goes to have the ability to contribute nothing helpful to this course of. Check again right here for updates if any progress is made.

Update (2:53 PM): Some progress is being made on this after three hours, because it requires capturing completely different symbols with completely different Forge weapons, with a few of the clues hidden on the weapons themselves (in binary it says “Reverse” on Hammerhead, as an illustration). This is one thing that lies past the problem-solving scope of virtually all Destiny gamers aside from a couple of hundred ultra-pro puzzling professionals, so I am unable to say I am a fan of the idea. And after the primary fifteen minutes it stopped being enjoyable to observe on stream as nicely. This is not like determining kill a raid boss for the primary time, it is simply…capturing symbols on partitions and flooring. Not nice.

Update 2: Gothalion and some others have gotten previous the symbols puzzle and right into a boss combat with Siviks, however the mechanics are nonetheless unclear and everybody retains working into an auto-wipe mechanic

Update three: Players have made it by means of 5 levels of a fight/puzzle combo encounter referred to as Niobe’s Torment that offers them a “roadmap” of types that seems like it might be the ultimate resolution, however nobody has solved it but, and requires going by means of levels 1-5 only for an try or two at placing within the code earlier than a wipe.

Update four: Players are actually on stage 6, which has a coloration coded gem puzzle nobody can clear up. The concept is that since that is Bungie, we must always finish at #7 and this may be the final puzzle to resolve earlier than a closing boss combat. Chances are this can be solved by morning however hilariously this has already taken longer than the Black Armory raid.

Update 5: Most of the most important streamers are calling it an evening and nobody has solved it. It could take somebody prepared to remain up endlessly (Datto?) to get it carried out by morning, or maybe somebody random from r/raidsecrets. Or possibly nobody solves it in any respect and we do that once more all day tomorrow. I went from hating this, to considering it is perhaps okay, to hating it once more round hour three, and we’re now at hour 10 as I write this. Too far, Bungie, too far. More on all this tomorrow.

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