How Boeing Sold Its 737 Max | NYT News

Boeing introduced the 737 Max as a reliable fuel- and cost-efficient solution to air travel in the 21st century. After two fatal Max crashes, all of the Max aircraft in the world are believed to have been grounded.

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  1. Boeing employee: Sir we have re-designed the plane for more fuel economy, space and ambiance. But the plane doesn't seem to be stable as before.

    Boeing Chairman: WTF its 737 max it has to be big and efficient. What are pilots paid for? Add some weight to the tip and rush to the ad agency for its new tagline Cheaper Bigger Better THE FUTURE IS HERE!

  2. Look up at the passing jetliner and be glad you're on the ground. Look at the semi in your rearview mirror and be glad it it is not computer-driven, yet.

  3. The flight path of Ethiopian 737 shows that this plane finished it's flight and landed at the airport. This is a fake crash!! Bad people on plane faking death.
    Go to: Red Pill News Wednesday Night Livestream 03/13/19 (red pill 78) @ 57min. 49sec on stream.

  4. Why weren’t pilot’s informed of this obvious change? After the Lithium-Ion battery failure in the 787 it seems Boeing is more concerned with growth than with safety!

  5. The reason they didn’t change the name idiots is because it’s still a 737 almost the same as the 737-800 but it’s maxed with better engines better comfort and better fuel efficient when you said they aren’t that new they are sooo much better than the original 737

  6. Whenever some manufacturer of machines redesigns somethingand says "mwah, they should not be notified of the changes" you should be very worried.

  7. Any changes to any planes systems should always be trained, that’s negligent. You can’t play stupid games like that with planes

  8. Im a former 737 (800 and 400) and current 747 pilot. I cannot believe the design flaws around the MCAS system that will essentially nose dive the aircraft, overriding the pilots controls, based of the data from a single Angle of Attack probe. I would not let my family fly on a 737 MAX until the issue is rectified. Boeing has tried to blame the pilots in the Lion Air crash but shame on Boeing for designing a plane that put them in the position they found themselves in – wrestling the controls while the plane nose dived.


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