How is North Korea evading sanctions? – BBC News

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, currently holding talks with European leaders, says “North Korea’s economy is in huge difficulty due to international sanctions.”

UN sanctions have been imposed to pressure Kim Jong-un’s government over its nuclear weapons programme.

Reality Check investigates how North Korea tries to evade these sanctions.

Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin.

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18 Responsesso far.

  1. Ken Chung says:

    Please pay attention closely this facts; Many citizens across a variety of demographics are actively supporting the grassroots South Korea new patriots party movement by donating amount USD 50 dollars or less to this party. Police tracking the personal accounts of 45,000 citizens used threats to halt these donations to the opposite party. Also, a North Korean hackers reportedly stole large sum of Bitcoin from South Korea banks,
    but Moon's regime is not actively investigating that case. No actions have been taken against North Korean until information or warnings have been received from the US government. This less active approach is the work of the pro-north Korea leftist dictator Moon's regime today.
    This Moon's regime is exercising socialism.

  2. chandra jeet says:

    Let Korean people live too.

  3. pathfinder _red says:

    Enough with sanctions? The US has been sanctioning left & right these days .its like a game now

  4. Eimantas says:

    China helps North Korea

  5. Kevin Mas says:

    Communist China Russia Iran and North Korea are terror States

  6. Kevin Mas says:

    Communist China supporting corrupt and evil states around the world

  7. Jean Michel Wong Sin Wai says:

    This is the privilege of being a nuclear. North Korea is a nuclear power. It can do what Iraq, Libya and Yemen cannot do. Soon the Pope will visit North Korea, trains will travel from Seoul to Moscow and Beijing via Pyongyang, Kim JongUn will visit Russia and Mongolia, and Shinzo Abe will discuss trade with Kim JongUm.

  8. Niedland Benjamin says:

    Can't you people just leave these people alone. For over 50 years they have been touted as the most dangerous nation but they haven't done anything significant. As far as I am concerned the US and NATO are a bigger danger to the world tha North Korea

  9. David J says:

    Hypocrisy bbc?????

  10. burger says:

    sanction israel!

  11. Duncan Leigh says:

    Respect 2 those that provide the goods/products needed by North Korean ppl 2live wit dignity. They r deserving of the help given 2them n they hav the rite 2protect themselves against FOREIGN INVADERS. Many say that most of the trade is done by the Chinese n Russians, so I am hoping that they continue wit they humanitarian efforts.

  12. James Walker says:


  13. Scott Stevenson says:

    Bull shit again BBC. Remember jimmy saville

  14. jetski Dex says:

    Next on BBC why America has placed a sanction on earth.

  15. Link Knight says:

    How they ALWAYS DID… CHINA…

  16. Fran├žois MengWan says:

    This is disgusting …
    Of course, they try to evade those deadly sanctions, any country would do the same rather than die !
    Then, in some years, there will be someone to tell us that all the deaths were "worth it" ?
    The BBC is more and more nothing other than a stinking propagandist for deaths and destruction

  17. Win Support says:

    Save Sabarimala, kerala , India

  18. yulianto rahardjo says:

    wage war on irak years ago, sanctioned on iran recently and north korea untill to day, what's on those guys mind