How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Travel Guide | Jungfrau Region

We spent 7 days exploring the Swiss Alps as a family and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. We tried to gather together our best practices and share any detail that might help as you plan your trip to the Jungfrau region. If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to get more travel guides.
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Iz Harris is a travel journalist and producer based in Washington DC. She is the host and creator behind Eater’s show, Travel, Eat, Repeat and a full-time vlogger on Youtube. She, her husband, and their two small children spend most of the year traveling the globe and documenting it to share.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I hate commenting on your videos because there is so much to talk about. I can’t write a book on this one. So just, that reservoir water!? WHAT?

    Ok but last thing why isn’t this sponsored. This vid will crack a million over its lifetime. All the brands missed out. All of them.

  2. One of the most amazing video i have ever seen!! I am never into really putting my comments on all the videos I watch, but let me just say it was awesome, the complete video, enjoyed every second of it!!
    I think you visited during fall i guess? We are planning our trip to swiss alps with little kids and your video was so helpful! Wish you all the good luck for your upcoming adventures!!!!

  3. I was thinking of flying out to Switerland in a week from NYC, I'm not sure if its too cold right now if I stay out of the Alps and just in Zurich or another city. Online it says 60F which is not that bad during the day..

  4. Why come to the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland? Because it shares the
    distinction, with the Valais Region, as home to the tallest and most
    vast glacial region in Switzerland. The glaciers are retreating with
    global warming. Sadly, Some of the lower glaciers will disappear within
    the next 20 years. So, if they float-your-boat, it’s time to get thee to
    the Jungfrau Region now.

  5. i was planning a trip with my family in june …Thank you so much your video is a big help .. Love to the family

  6. the village is a little bit quiet .its like theres no people out there .😕..but the place and mountain is cool and clean though.😊👍


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