How to Run a Virtual Race

Want to run your first 5k? There’s a digital race for you. Were you supposed to run a half marathon? You can run that just about, too. Were you planning on working a marathon, or an extremely marathon? We’ve obtained you lined.

Here’s how to discover, and prepare for, your subsequent race.

You need to choose a race that provides you loads of time to get to your personal begin line.

“Ask yourself what’s going to be best for your overall health and wellness,” mentioned Rebeka Stowe, a licensed power and conditioning specialist and coach with Nike Run Club NYC. “If a race fits in the schedule in that capacity, then you say yes to that. And if it doesn’t, you get out the door and keep moving.”

If you’re beginning to run persistently for the primary time, begin with a mile, or at most, a 5-kilometer race. If you have been planning on doing a race that was canceled, maybe proceed coaching for that race and full that distance across the identical date.

The key will not be going overboard as a result of you will have extra time in your arms, Michael Conlon, the proprietor and founding father of Finish Line Physical Therapy in Manhattan, said.

“You want to train with the same guidelines that we would utilize if we were training you in person,” Mr. Conlon said.

What you don’t want is an overuse injury because of a sudden increase in mileage or intensity. Set yourself up for success by adding strength and mobility work to your repertoire.

“There should be a schedule you are following,” he continued. “Utilize the time wisely.”

Once you’ve picked your desired distance, seek out a training plan to get you to the start line — we’d recommend starting with Hal Higdon, a well-known writer and running coach, who has various plans for distances and abilities. The key is finding a schedule that works for you mentally as much as it does physically.

“Right now, it has to be whatever is going to get you moving,” Ms. Stowe said. “The best approach is finding what’s going to create consistency. We are all looking for structure because we have all lost it.”

If you crave accountability and community, find a training plan that is group based, culminating in a race.

To compete on these platforms, you need to record your runs using a GPS watch or an in-app tracker. Most apps work with one another, so if you usually record your runs on MapMyRun or on a Garmin watch, you can still sync that data to another virtual race site. Be sure to read the fine print before beginning your race to make sure you are tracking your run as required.

It’s still a race, even if you don’t have a bib attached to your shirt. So do what you’d do on a more ordinary race day: Plan your nutrition and hydration, lay out your race outfit and guilt your friends and family members into cheering for you.

While they may not be able to line up along a course for high fives, if you are able to safely wear earbuds, you can have a friend join you for a mile or two to cheer over the phone.

Once you finish (we recommend a toilet paper finish line, if possible), upload your results to the virtual race page and celebrate your accomplishment.

The race may look a bit different than expected. But miles are miles.

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