How We Make Six Figures Traveling The World

We have broke person mentality so we’re able to stay rich.

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Self-storage lockers
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Low Angle View Of Eiffel Tower Against Clear Blue Sky
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Living room
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Teacher teaching her school students on a laptop
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Holding, counting, playing with coins. Human hands.
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Airplane Stewardess/Flight Attendant Closes Baggage Compartments. Plane is Ready to Take off.
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Woman’s hand writing a signature, slow motion
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Silhouette of a young man like to travel and photography


Silhouette of a young man like to travel and photography
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Business meeting at modern office. Top view of multiracial group of people working near the table together. Slow mo
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Young adult friends smiling and hugging, cheering on sandy beach sand dune
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Malibu, California – Aerial View
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Close up of young siberian husky dog pulling the leash while walking along road near wheat field at sunset. Feet of young girl going along the path near meadow with her cute pet. Low angle view
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Close up of woman text messaging on smart phone
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Woman Hands Typing On Keyboard Of Modern Laptop on Christmas
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1959 Business owner (Susan Cabot) questions meeting room full of men about decline in company sales
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knocking at the door
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CU Businessman sitting at conference table holding pen/Washington, USA
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Shutup and Go
Jo Franco
Damon Dominique
Damon And Jo Channel


  1. Used to love this channel when ya’ll making friendly banter when you were starting- good, humble, friendly. Now, you’ve sold out doing videos like this- Damon’s personality has gotten so rotten- it’s ridiculous. Blinded by fake fame, enjoy your six figures! You’ve lost a long time subscriber here.

  2. yo ok guys you got us talking here but can u give us some sites or something which actually is usual to find some projects which pays. i really wanna go teach english in costa rica but how do i get project which could fly me or at least get sponsors or funds to do it!

  3. Been subscribed to these guys for a few years now. Such a great duo and channel. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already

  4. LOVE this video so much, I can't even. You guys didn't leave things out, you broke down everything that went into it and kept it real. Kudos to you guys always thinking about how to expand. Also, love your videos! I forgot this was an As/Is video bc you guys kept your brand the whole time. You guys are amazing!!

  5. Fantastic movie! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we love to find these sort of content. We produce Travel & Food movies too, throughout the world, so we are continually searching for inspirations and ideas. Thank You.


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