I will pay you to TRAVEL THE WORLD

I’m searching for a film-maker who would travel the world with me and help me create videos that inspire people to travel more. Interested? Submit your application here:


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  1. Hey there, you legend! Thanks a lot for watching this video ? If you're interested in working with me and helping me create videos that inspire people to travel more, submit your application here: if you're not too keen on filming and editing videos, but have friends who are, share this video with them and, who knows! We might end up working together ? Thank you very much for your time and have a total blast, wherever you are in the world!

  2. Dude! Your videos are amazing! I don't know why you say you "suck" at it. Your storytelling is awesome too! (That 300 times better than you at filming is kind of a tough challenge hehe) All the best!

  3. This guy is so positive and chill. Your life is amazing and you seem like so much fun to work with. I sincerely wish I could apply for this job but I'm stuck in the Air Force! Be safe and have fun on your travels!

  4. …had sent you my email. BUT – I don't believe anything on the "net" at the SAME time !!! 🙂 As a Writer, Coordinator, Designer, Traveler, Artist, Photographer, Financial Adviser, Counselor, AND many many more on my plate… I BELIEVE a person SHOULD be able to MULTI-TASK, be PATIENT, DOWN-TO-EARTH and have an a pure HEART in doing this what you're doing. Go well and all the best !!!

  5. omg. this is the dream job. you need videographer? photographer? editor? i can do that. if only i'm single so i don't have to do messy ldr with my so i would totally do this. love from indonesia.

  6. Jacob, I write you from Peru. It's a shame I don't have those skills you require. I recently follow you and I have to tell you that I really enjoy your videos. They're helping me to improve my English, too.Good luck and hope you visit Peru one day !


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