Inside The Kardashian-Jenners’ Mother’s Day | E! News

Khloé Kardashian gives the first glimpse at her baby girl True Thompson and gets showered with gifts. Plus, did Caitlyn Jenner shade Khloe? Watch!

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Inside The Kardashian-Jenners’ Mother’s Day | E! News

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17 Responsesso far.

  1. tinaloveseddie says:

    I wonder how much $$$ total they’ve spent on plastic surgery??

  2. Rolanda Loathe says:

    Her baby do look like she has two black parents. She might get lighter as she gets older. Nevertheless, she is a beautiful baby. Congrats Klole.

  3. The Rung of the Mooring says:

    i made video check it out i love you all so much and want to meet with you and show you any respect that i can and help you in any way possible,i am going to do those papers.

  4. Nick Yad says:

    Trash proud moms.

  5. Kat says:

    If anyone can find a way to block these Kardashians off computers it's worth a billion dollars. That's the program the world needs NOW! Block any relation of their's including spit and semen swapping partners.

  6. JennyBee23 K says:

    First Khloé got fucked my Tristan and now her daughters genes ??

  7. Melinda Feliciano says:

    These e people have nothing better to share I wonder how much these people pay them to throw their name in social media yawwnnn

  8. H twn says:

    Yes oj is her Grandpa

  9. Ajie says:

    Wow um…wow

  10. similoluwa junaid says:

    Self- love that is not so safe for work. So does she mean masturbation? And if so that's disgusting.

  11. Lizeth Munoz says:

    It don’t prove that she is O.J daughter stupid. ? her daughters dad is black. People act like they know others like nooo. What if people made rumors about you? Just because you ain’t famous means you can go talking about others.

  12. Ruby V says:

    They should’ve celebrated the nannies instead

  13. Pumla Ngwenda says:

    You look amazing guys, may GOD the Almighty continue to be a blessing in your lives……luv you to bits!

  14. Pam Jaja says:

    Baby nice. Don't look like them. Who the baby daddy that basket ball player Harden? Father is a dark man because Kloe, is blonde and white not Moroccan babe. Not kristian. She's my mom mixed, dad dark black. Oh but we can pay M.D. To say whatever. As long as he say she's he's nothing else matter. Cute precio us. All the rest, girl please do you, and got your baby too! Be happy.

  15. Paulette Poole says:

    I like Khloe.
    She's the one who made KUWTK. Her slick mouth kept her family in check. She was usually right.

    Now she has her own family. She sure will keep Kim and Kris in their place. And that's the side that makes Khloe unique.

    Kendall is my girl. Thevquiet Strength. Kendall is beautiful. She doesn't explain herself, she just do it. Kourtney is like that too.

    Kim used to be my favorite. But that mouth lately is beginning to be too opinionated. She need to get back focus on her own matters and leave Khloe and Tristin alone.

    Kylie is sweet. She need to bond more with her Jenner brothers. They will protect her as she age.

  16. Hellepoulsen Nomorefakenews says:

    This is the youtube channel, the Kardashian own. That why they dont talk about Khlo Tristan and baby True are going to have a Realityshow. And Kim and Kris hate it. The Kardashian realityshow Whiteout Khlo Tristan and baby True, Kylies Stormi and Travis. Now Kim and Kendall are naked most of the time, everything for the show ??????

  17. Isabella Eileen says:

    Out of all the Kar Jenner’s, Kendall is the only one without a baby.