Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports

Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports

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By Ender Güney

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30 Responsesso far.

  1. JayV Whoever says:

    The president of every country should be a sportsperson..

  2. Sean Costa says:

    Theres some hope for humanity

  3. ViolentxStrike says:

    Set yourself a challenge. Try not to cry!

  4. Jasmy Shahdi says:

    This is better than winning

  5. Bang_Bang300 says:

    Too bad most of the track stuff ends in DQ's… reality check for ya

  6. Aahan Pandita Raina says:

    Made my day better.

  7. edwin huang says:

    The way he say tootoo is too cute for me

  8. Manuelovic97 says:

    Those damn ninjas with their onions

  9. LusKO BG says:

    Machkai Grisho

  10. Bobi Bobi says:

    I think you shpuld add paulo dicanio action. West ham player who refuse to shot goal instead help the injured player first

  11. Ryisher TM says:

    1:36 the green dude got gashed no on even acknowledged him lmao

  12. AKARI says:

    Am …. touched

  13. Aoncgn says:

    why am i crying so damn loud

  14. achabotte says:

    I'm sorry and im probably the one with the unpopular opinion here but the one at 1:00 seems disrespectful to me. if i had a handicap i would hate to be treated as unequal. i would love to have my face beat to shit against a pro, hell if i even landed one LEGIT shot i would be ecstatic when i woke from my coma

  15. VEVO TV says:

    First part its Amil Gasimov!!! It was in Baku i was there also he is a friend of mine♧!!

  16. ThoesAssasinBasterds says:

    I love how quickly the contact sports go from "IM GONNA MURDER YOU" to "You ok bro?" in like a quick minute

  17. League Of Boosted says:

    We need more people like this…

  18. CrokFire says:

    0:31 This is Grigor Dimitrov he is bulgarian and im a bulgarian too and he shows how we bulgarians are good people and he is the best tennis player in bulgaria. Love u Grigor. <3

  19. Krucaine says:

    Tootoo fucking killed me

  20. Mark T says:

    Without RESPECT is not a TRUE SPORT

  21. Hiya Kaley says:

    Man, humanity exists proved by your video. Got subscriber.

  22. The Player says:

    the worst thing about this vid is that thier isnt enough

  23. Prasant Sinha says:

    And then there is Sergio Ramos…

  24. Jiany Star Massa vich says:

    Extremely POWERFUL

  25. Matěj Červenka says:

    1:19 did he just say lmao?

  26. kartikey rawat says:

    That boy was crazyy

  27. Striker XX55 says:

    Humanity has been restored. These people are true role models and should be respected.

  28. Chopperhopper 56 says:

    My allergies are acting up

  29. Yorkshireman says:

    Damn those onions that someone must be cutting in here

  30. Nova Dusty says:

    GDI, I started to cry from the part the two running girls. Great clip, thank you.