Is the UK in a crisis? – BBC News

You’ve probably heard at least one person say the UK is in a Brexit crisis. Politicians from Europe and Britain have said it and it’s been in headlines – usually in CAPITAL LETTERS – a lot.
But are we being dramatic or is the UK actually in a crisis over leaving the European Union?
We spoke to three experts to find out.
Produced by Megan Fisher

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  1. The thing is. Only a complete lunatic believes the media. As for Brexit. These politicians have sold our country out for back handers and high wages. All they care about is their own pockets.

  2. Could someone, please explain why they think this represents 'BBC propaganda'? I am baffled, as all I see is three experts saying Britain isn't in crisis…yet. I can't see anything pro or anti EU, or indeed pro or anti anything else, in this piece.

  3. The reason I am not for Britexit is simple, this plays into Russian plans. The main reason that Russia hasn't expanded into Europe is NATO/OTAN. Since Europe formed the EU, Russia considered it anouther hurdle it must clear. What better way to do so than by breaking the EU up? Their hope is that by sparking national interests it may well play into Russia's desire to influence NATO/OTAN.

  4. Bla bla bla scaremongering bla bla bla scaremongering bla bla bla scaremongering bla bla bla scaremongering bla bla bla scaremongering

  5. All political people bulshit, most the buildings been build by easten European builders and now they have lots of homes but with Brexit all homes going to be empty.

  6. Nope. The only crisis with have are our corrupt, self-servicing political and media class.

    There are riots in France, German is in a recession, Spain is still locked in conflict with Catalan, Italy is getting geared up to break away from the EU, and Eastern Europe is becoming entrenched to defy the fascists in Brussels (and good on them). Their currency is bust and they'll have a massive money hole they'll have to fill once we're gone.

    But yes, BBC, keep telling people we're the ones in trouble.

  7. Yes it is, we have the BBC spreading fake news propaganda for the Government, politicans that are not carrying out the instructions of the largest ever democratic vote, and free speech lost, people being arrested for having the wrong thoughts. So yes the UK is in crisis.


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