Maduro Cuts Ties with U.S. After Trump Recognizes New Leader in Venezuela

The opposition’s new chief, Mr. Guaidó, is an industrial engineer little identified at residence or overseas till this month, when he was sworn in as president of the National Assembly. His appointment reinvigorated that opposition-dominated legislative physique, which had grow to be ineffectual and deeply unpopular in current years.

“People had lost faith,” stated Maria Amelia da Silva, 54, at one of many out of doors city hall-style conferences that opposition lawmakers convened in current days to advertise their plans. “Then a leader emerged, and this new leader has become our biggest hope.”

Mr. Guaidó says an interim authorities would distribute humanitarian support, take steps to show the economic system round, and convene free and honest elections. He has argued that doing so wouldn’t violate the Constitution as a result of Mr. Maduro, whose re-election final 12 months was denounced as rigged, had “usurped” the presidency.

Past antigovernment demonstrations had been dominated by rage and indignation, however Mr. Guaidó and his allies have tried to strike a hopeful, conciliatory tone. They have taken pains to induce members of the navy to desert Mr. Maduro, arguing that doing so would represent not a coup, however adherence to their oath to uphold the Constitution.

On Monday night time, Mr. Guaidó and his spouse, Fabiana Rosales, recorded video messages interesting to the consciences — and the aspirations — of members of the armed forces.

“None of you can live in a dignified manner on your military paycheck, you can’t meet the basic needs of your children and relatives,” Mr. Guaidó stated. “In the midst of this debacle, the people responsible for this crisis have forced you to clamp down and repress demonstrations of people who are only demanding to eat, to have access to health care, to have water at home, electricity.”

The minister of protection, Vladimir Padrino, sought to reaffirm the navy’s help of Mr. Maduro on Twitter, writing, “the soldiers of the nation do not accept a president imposed in the shadow of obscure interests or self-proclaimed at the margins of the law.”

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