Malaysia or the Philippines? Which is the best for travel? Should you travel to Malaysia or the Philippines? Find out in this video!

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  1. More fun in Philippines and Malaysia is truly Asia. Both country has its own beauty to offer. Love Malaysia from Philippines 😍

  2. You should compare Thailand and Malaysia since both of this country achieved top tourist destination in southeast asia itself

  3. As Malaysian, I wish one day I can visit Philippines because I'm in love with your beautiful island. The view is so breathtaking❤

  4. Those countries are amazing and wonderful… Love from Philippines and Malaysia 🇲🇾🇵🇭
    GO ASEAN..! 🙂🙂🙂

  5. Loz, you are just confusing your viewers, Malaysia is more expensive as they are a more advanced country than PH. You just don't want to antagonize both countries, and that is acceptable but not honest. People will see you as fishing for views for both countries and that is not good for your channel…trust me, I am a viewer…

    try to be more circumspect and honest, don't ever worry about backlash, as this will help the other party to improve…

  6. Both incredibly beautiful countries. A lot of Filipinos consider Malaysia (and Indonesia) our closest of kin in Southeast Asia. So different yet so similar in a lot of ways. Hope to see you back in the Philippines again. Mabuhay!

  7. Could you tell me briefly about the crime and safety in Malaysia? I've been to Philippines a lot, but never Malaysia. Salamat po

  8. Just an advice for you, Please stop comparing who is the best country because it is both South East Asian country and they are treating themselves as brothers

  9. I spent about 5 weeks in Penang and a few days in Langkawi some time ago and I agree that the food in Penang was absolutely awesome. It was probably the most enjoyable trip I had. Although at some point during that trip, I had to go around looking for a Filipino restaurant haha. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked style pork adobo lol. I was lucky enough to find some and although it was far from the best adobo I’ve had, it was still a taste of home 😊. I’d also like to emphasize that the people in Malaysia were just as hospitable as in the Philippines. They’re practically our brothers and sisters. Road crossings though were quite scary haha drivers didn’t seem to pay any attention to pedestrians and I witnessed one too many bloody road accidents during that short period of time.

  10. Love Both! of Course Malaysia is a very good neighbor. no problem coming from them since then.. all good, good, goood goood!

  11. The Philippines and Malaysian have many amazing things to offer. I think that was a fair comparison. When it comes to street or local food, I will give it to Malaysia. There are many really good Filipino food other than the national dish – Adobo but they are not everyday food. You have to get from either from a fine restaurant or we only prepare them for special occasions and they can be quite pricy.


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