Marco Arnautovic analyses his ‘very bad’ 2017/18 season ⚒️


West Ham United striker Marco Arnautovic speaks to Gary Neville and David Jones about how he was converted into a striker last season under David Moyes, and his goals for the 2018/19 season.


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20 Responsesso far.

  1. Panteleimon Ponomarenko says:

    One of the most fun strikers to use in FIFA

  2. Oscar 16 says:

    Got him on my fantasy team, I believe he’ll have a bounce back season.

  3. Mohammed Asfan says:

    He scored 11 goals and got 6 assists. HOW IS THIS A VERY BAD SEASON?!

  4. bonesjuones melo says:

    MarKo is a quality player. A big fan of his.

  5. Northern Crusader says:

    Z-Tech Zlatan

  6. Marko Arnautovic says:

    Thanks for writing my Name Right

  7. K. Fernandez says:

    What honest guy he is

  8. CRAB JAB says:

    As a Chelsea fan he makes me so angry. He is like the “NEARLY” guy. You can see he could be outstanding big time but he seems to drift sometimes.

    I really really hope he has a great season cos I think he is such a good player. Though I hate hammers I can rate a good player.

  9. Guru Buddhi says:

    I was hoping Mourhino would of signed him from the Stokeys. Quality player.

  10. espben360 says:

    west ham are the best team with biggest chance of cracking top 6

  11. neutralballers says:

    help a brother out with my dream, I uploaded my first video and I know its bad but I'll get better.

  12. LI/HUS says:

    it's Marko not Marco, come on sky sports…

  13. DAN on MV says:

    COYI ⚒⚒

  14. Merica says:

    Serbian players always tough af.

  15. Nick CA says:

    He was pretty good, but it's good to try to be better.

  16. Lauk Abdullah says:

    talented player and now with players like yamolenko who can beat players and wilshere who can pick a pass he is going to be lethal coming from a arsenal fan

  17. ReigningTyrant says:

    He does not want to be next to them two at all

  18. Ashuk Yare says:

    This season is gonna be epic with a lot teams spending big.

  19. Tyler Antonio says:

    Gary Neville where's your Liverpool top bud? Still in the mail?

  20. beatsprodbycm says:

    hes lie Zlatan just not Zlatan