Meghan Markle’s Dad Will Skip Royal Wedding | E! News

The “Suits” actress’ father, Thomas Markle says he doesn’t want to embarrass his daughter amid paparazzi photo scandal. Watch!

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About Royal Wedding:
“Celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19, 2018, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. Watch alongside The Royal Family as we bear witness to the monumental wedding live on E! News”.

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Meghan Markle’s Dad Will Skip Royal Wedding | E! News

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29 Responsesso far.

  1. Bunny says:

    She’s TRASH!!! She’s put some kind of voodoo spell on Harry! He needs a young priest and an old priest!!!

  2. Ed Mess says:

    Do most people really care?

  3. Followme One says:

    The way tht the royalties are allowed messing their wedding, her background, parents and other private issues just means them needs that for some reason…otherwise nobody could even know or have right to comment of the royal stuffs…That’s pretty understandable that this is a political scenario that has created by royal representatives for some special reason,,,

  4. SirQL8 says:

    Price of admittance to fake royal life is getting high.

  5. SassyBratt1 says:

    Rumor has it that he decided to go to the jail bait son's circumcision. He's what 50 years old???? Or somethin' like dat.

  6. ORLA S says:

    Megan will be better off without him anyway !!
    Her mother Doria , who has maintained silence
    over the whole wedding thing , is best placed to
    walk Megan down the aisle. And why not indeed !
    Good luck to you all. Congratulations Harry and Meghan ❤️?❤️?

  7. George Hunter says:

    Well they have excluded him completely up to now.

  8. Craig Hunter says:

    Prince Harry is going to be sorry.  It's not a good idea to mix races.  His future wife will soon be squeezing out mixed race bastards who look like boonk gang and "Precious".  Don't do it, Harry.

  9. david bates says:

    What a circus.

  10. cheryll hamilton says:

    I hope her and Prince Harry have the beautiful wedding that they intend and their marriage is as happy as Princess Diana's deserved to be. Best wishes for them both.

  11. elemi etiks says:

    This family is evil

  12. John Culley says:

    Why not have Thomas Markle sit with Doria Ragland at the wedding if Mr. Markle can make it to England and let Prince Charles walk the bride down the aisle? Princess Diana's father was also having health problems when he walked his daughter down the aisle. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland walked his bride down the aisle himself when her father couldn't attend the wedding. Another possibility is to ask the King of Sweden to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle if he is in attendance. He has already married off both his daughters and really loves a good party.

  13. The Impaler says:

    Blacks and white trash destroy everything that they come into even close contact with.
    Things literally start falling apart at the seams.
    The royal family, if it wishes to survive, should buy this "royal" couple its own trailer (caravan) park on some secluded island, let them rule it, and just let the civilised world let them pass from memory.

  14. Followme One says:

    Somebody will die that day for sure….19 may not gonna end happily….

  15. Followme One says:

    Yes please send him 1box of rom and enough…he will be celebrates in his trailer that’s father of Princess of SuSEX LOL

  16. williesdaughter says:

    i home Meghan wears a true princess gown a fluffy sheer one that aparkles like a real princess. i home it's not a slim blah regular dress

  17. Alex101 Conner says:

    If people were wiser, they would know that she never intended for him to be there at the wedding except for her mother. Or he would of been in London already!!! Just like her mother. This is like if Prince Charles Harry's Dad, not being in London ahead of the wedding. Even I wish my Dad would walk me down the aisle but he's dead and my Dad was faaaar from perfect.

  18. Dina Reyes says:

    Royal Family will be part black with future majority Muslim population. Wow!

  19. Ascension 2000 says:

    Now this is heartbreaking. I feel so bad for meghan. She's such a good person

  20. Rose says:

    Real life isn't a fancy fairy tale, it's messy. Who cares what the royal snobs think, he should walk HIS daughter down the aisle.

  21. statuslow says:

    What of been the best place to redeem yourself.

  22. April Gardner says:

    The British government should not allow Prince Albert to be named King because they decided Albert was not from the "right" social class.

  23. ohwell94 says:

    At the risk of really stirring up the pot? This is one time you cannot put all the blame on Samantha! This is a 70 year old man he work how many years behind the Hollywood scene? Honestly? If he didn't want to do it I don't think he would have!
    he's just as responsible for this debacle as Samantha is

  24. ohwell94 says:

    I said months ago he wouldn't attend due to "health reasons"

  25. Menu Plan Cook says:

    This Cinderella story just couldn't be complete without two ugly step-siblings…

  26. Peter Edwards says:

    Good don't let none of them ruin your day…they are angry white ppl I'll walk you down

  27. Ace 1o7 says:

    I feel bad for Megan's dad!!

  28. Illi Popovic says:

    This is Meghans family. You guys are acting like she was brough by the stork:)))