MINI Sports Battle!! 3 ????????????????

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Hey guys! What mini sports games would you like to see us do next? What was your favorite? Let us know down below! Check out the Blind Mouse Trap Minefield Challenge!!

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27 Responsesso far.

  1. Team Edge says:

    Hey guys! What was your favorite game? What would you want us to play next? Let us know down below! Check out the Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

  2. dtoad48 says:

    Probably should say close course, professional driver, do not attempt at the end there. You could be liable.

  3. Vi Nguyen says:

    well just wanna say this to Bobby…: I like your voice.. can i get in touch with ya?

  4. Caleb West says:

    Don’t die like if u agree

  5. Caleb West says:

    I think u are so awesome

  6. Nino Chikviladze says:

    l can solve a rubiks cube

  7. Brooke Armstrong says:

    Ik it was bobby xxx

  8. Connie Russell says:

    My only question… why did Bobby have an OPEN pocket KNIFE FALL FROM HIM
    It could've landed on J-Fred's hand!

  9. Bryan Hoda says:

    Where is Matthais didn't see him from so long in team edge challenge vids

  10. Julius Viglassky says:

    Mini sports challenge ????

  11. Rham says:

    There's no flag in the eiffel tower

  12. Dakota McCoy says:


  13. Draw with illy says:

    Please do pudding tug of war part 2!

  14. Sebi Martin says:

    Bryan,j-fred can you not bully bobby pls.

  15. Dan branson says:

    Better then nba playoffs right now. 10 out of 10, would watch again

  16. Anne Campbell says:

    It's actually quite scary how much my boyfriend is like J – Fred, especially there beards as well they grow in the same haha

  17. Master of Spider says:

    Hey J-Fred if you're reading this no offense but i like it better when you dont have a beard

  18. Сергей Казанцев says:

    Artist ensure craft foreign image repair blame shopping promotion into.

  19. every things says:

    In instagram in one of ur post i said bobby short(not offensive) and then i felt sooo bad so i am here just to apojis i am sory♡♡♡♡

  20. GAMERBoy SaVaGe says:

    Please do giant sports battle

  21. rayden_sibley17 says:

    I tried the knee cracking,and god that was loud!??

  22. Layth Awija says:

    please do more nerf vidoes

  23. Andrew Mena says:

    J-Fred: table pants
    Falling thing:dunk dunk
    J-Fred:oh what the crap

  24. Full-Metal-Girl says:

    I've only ever finished one side of a rubix cube.
    Bryan's failed dunks killed me XD

  25. Lifelongsumo 253 says:

    Bobby was abducted???

  26. Fadi Dangerous says:

    You guys did it because I kept watching the last two

  27. Syed Muhammad Murtaza Rizvi says:

    uou got your team edge table back