Minimalist Packing to Travel the World ! Packing Tips & How I pack

In todays video I will show you how I do my minimalist packing, what I take with me and why.

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  1. From personal experience I really wouldn't suggest putting multiple types of tablets in the same container whilst traveling to different countries. Even if they are just supplements. I did this a few years ago as I didn't want to take my vitamin B12 tablets, ADD meds & migraine medication in separate containers. When I arrived in the US from England (my country) I got stopped and questioned a lot about why my tablets were like that, what they were, why I had them, etc. My body was searched and the tablets had to be tested whilst they treated me like a criminal. When they were convinced that they were fine and I wasn't a drug courier I was given a lecture on how I shouldn't do that again 😒 Great video though 😏

  2. is it legal or acceptable to roam around Singapore wearing a PAIR OF SHORTS and a comfy shirt ?Thanks in advance.

  3. Danny you can read my mind, I’m going on a trip the day after tomorrow and I can only take carry on luggage so I was really in need of some packing tips, thank you so much!
    Super informative and extremely helpful 🙂

    Also I have the same universal travel adapter, been using it for a couple months now and i really like it

  4. I like your hairstyle. How can I get the hairstyle you always have on your videos? Does it have a name? Thanks.

  5. I pack luggage Osprey 40 liter ,,I have been Poland Lithuania Latvia and Estonia for 40 days November to December 2017 ,,

  6. I have to learn from you on how to travel light and minimalist! Everytime i go home to the Philippines i send by air cargo some of my clothes… And leave it in the philippines for good.

  7. Good tips minus one point…you're a guy. Girls have added issues hair & makeup, shoes, etc. For a weekend great but those longer trips away not enough room.


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