MPs debate Theresa May's revised Brexit deal in parliament – watch live

Theresa May puts a new backstop plan to her cabinet and the House of Commons as Jeremy Corbyn calls on MPs to reject the deal.
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  1. The will of the people has changed since 2016. More people now support Britain in the EU. Parliament should allow a second referendum to take place with people getting much better information than the slogans delivered by Johnson, Mogg, Murdoch and Putin's payroll trolls

  2. Greece and other countries ve been suffering to be part of the union! Everyone needs to make an effort!

  3. Shame on the British government to have become subservient and Vassal state of the MAFIA European union. UK once ruled the Whole world but cannot rule it's own country and needs to be ruled by MAFIA and Evil EMPIRE i.e. unelected bureaucrats of EU

  4. Better way to deal with Backstop send Black and Tans back to the Republic of Ireland.
    Should never have gave ROI it's independence as it is Geographically in the British Isles therefore part of the UK.

  5. If we get a bad deal it will be Ireland's fault now they plan to prosecute our Veterans for doing there jobs in so called Bloody Sunday 47 years ago.
    It's about time we took a hard line against the Republic of Ireland and bombed the hell out of it.
    Republic of Ireland should be still part of UK bring back the black and tans.

  6. How many of these PEOPLE have we got in the GOVERNMENT? How much are their SALARIES ? And what do they all DO?


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