MULTIPLE CANCER Addressed with Lifestyles Intra Nutria and Fibrelife

Ma’am Trina sharing a testimony: Her mother had a surgical operation due her breast cancer a few years ago… But last year 2016, it recurred and metastacized developing lung cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, lymphoma cancer, etc. The patient was also on oxygen due difficulty of breathing, in so much pain and could hardly be touched… First week of January 2017, I introduced to her the worldwide phenomenal 100% organic Lifestyles Intra Nutria and Fibrelife upon request for meet up delivery… Her mother took the products per my servings/dosage instruction; and after a week, the lump on her left breast dissolved, was already able to stand and walk without a cane, and no longer using an oxygen… After another week with massive intake of the products as instructed, the patient was already doing household chores especially gardening on their backyard and going to other houses visiting close relatives and friends… No chemo and radiation therapies… Amazing!… To God be all glory….
Lifestyles food supplement products naturally help the body heal itself… INTRA balances, supports, and strengthens the body’s 8 biological systems… NUTRIA has powerful antioxidants including SelenoExcell selenium , an anti-cancer mineral… FIBRELIFE is a unique soluble plant fibre which helps detoxify the body and prevents/controls Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart-related diseases…
For inquiry, orders and delivery, contact: VICENTE FERRER Mobile No. 09158432474 or DAISY FERRER Mobile No. +639955084879…
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  1. For any health concern from head to toe, try the phenomenal 100% organic Lifestyles Intra Nutria and Fibrelife… Call/text 09158432474 for inquiry, orders and delivery… Intra 950ml = Php1800, Nutria 60capsules = Php1500, Fibrelife 60capsules = Php1500… 1 box BTK containing 2 Intra, 1 Nutria, 1 Fibrelife = Php6600… For more testimonials, visit


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