My first Cockfight in the Philippines ???????? Cebu City – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 25

Warning! This video is not for everyone. Cockfighting is a very common past time in the Philippines where locals gather for the purpose of betting and entertainment. It is deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture and while it may be viewed as cruel in other parts of the world, in the Philippines, it’s a normal sport. I documented this cockfight for educational purposes. Please do not get offended.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let me know in the comments below.

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20 Responsesso far.

  1. Steve Yalo says:

    I decided to edit out the actual fight to avoid getting another video removed from YouTube, but I'm curious to hear your opinions about cockfights. What do you think of this activity?

  2. Sandy Yalowitz says:

    How long before you leave the phILIPPINES DID U HEAR FROM WOW. LOVE U GRANDMA

  3. Akim Borisenkov says:

    Amazing country.

  4. Raymond Litorja says:

    You cannot change easily the tradition who had been going on for century old.

  5. JPC1SDH says:

    nah! men are hypocrites. care about the chickens but legalizing abortion and weed as recreational. bible believers but tolerating, and practicing third sex. want to save the world but keeps on consuming it rapidly specially rich countries. highest specie? GOD HAS BEEN LAUGHING AT US EVERSINCE

  6. Tonton Rivera says:

    That’s the right way to edit steve,better not to show the actual fight,I like that street fighter thing,cool!

  7. Excelsior Cafe says:

    Before u ride any vehicle ask the local about the price.

  8. Bricks Creation says:

    Cockfighting a Billion Dollar industry in the Philippines its like the Arms Industry of US.

  9. Ian Marlou Fajardo says:

    steve i have been following you. pls subscribe to me… your my idol it would be my joy pls…………..

  10. Neda Gehan says:

    I came from the Philippines but that’s a culture since when I was a kid and now I’m 62years old and it won’t change that culture.but here in USA they are against our culture.

  11. Hecydec says:

    from australia amigos gracias greeting from illawarra nsw australia .,

  12. Frankie Patino says:

    hey…'s part of the Culture there…..and I Liked attending the fight In Mandaue City….will I see it again….not so sure about that

  13. Amerikanong Hindi Kano says:

    That was kinda funny with the tricycle drivers bidding war. They were caught off guard.

  14. Ariel Padua says:

    nice try steve..thats true..cock figthing is one of our old n nature culture..but the d place u visit is illegal…TUPADA..backyard cockfigths…..

  15. Shlomayo says:

    It's a barbaric practice that needs to be wiped out.

  16. joel sim says:

    I have no problem with cockfighting as long as they don't attached a blade to their foot.

  17. Mike Yman Hadap says:

    Which is good?
    Chicken for cockfighting: they we’re raise well with TLC,feed well with supplement and vitamins, trained well to be a good fighter, everytime they win they earn respect and leave longer, they have the chance to be breed and multiply..
    Chicken for meat: they just raise for few months never have a chance to leave and killed instantly.
    Now, which is cruelty to animal?

  18. Sir Joe says:

    Next please Visit Zamboanga City

  19. Sir Joe says:

    Next please Visit Zamboanga City

  20. ryckroldan says:

    From Cockfighting to Chickenjoy …nice transition ?