Ohio State Pays $41 Million to Settle Claims From Doctor’s Abuse

Ohio State University mentioned Friday it will pay $41 million to resolve a among the lawsuits stemming from a number of hundred sexual assault claims made in opposition to a physician for the college’s athletic division. The payouts to 162 folks signify shut to half the previous athletes and different college students who’ve filed lawsuits in opposition to the college due to assaults dedicated by Richard H. Strauss throughout his almost 20 years as a crew physician.

The athletes — soccer gamers, wrestlers and others — had been assaulted after being despatched to Strauss for therapy of accidents or for bodily examinations earlier than their seasons started, the college mentioned in a 182-page report that was released last year and detailed the abuse, sometimes in graphic terms.

Strauss, who was a professor at the school from 1978 to 1998, died by suicide in 2005.

“Our clients are a step closer to closure and a step closer to this being part of the healing process,” said Rick Schulte, the attorney who headed the negotiation. “Many of these student athletes want to be closer to the university and this hanging out there and not being resolved made that difficult for them.”

Several other lawsuits are still pending. The university said in a statement announcing the settlement that officials were in mediation with other victims and “committed to a resolution with plaintiffs, including a monetary resolution.”

“The university of decades ago failed these individuals,” Michael V. Drake, Ohio State’s president, said in the statement.

The 2019 report, commissioned by the university, described repeated examples of institutional failure that allowed Strauss to abuse at least 177 students. It said that more than 50 athletic department staff members and others had been aware of the doctor’s misconduct but did not try to stop him.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Oskar Garcia contributed reporting.

Source link Nytimes.com

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