Opinion | BuzzFeed’s Controversial Cohen Story Raises Question: Did Trump Want to Be President?

“He wasn’t going to win,” Wolff continues. “Or losing was winning. Trump would be the most famous man in the world — a martyr to crooked Hillary Clinton.”

“Losing would work out for everybody,” he provides.

Michael D’Antonio, the creator of “The Truth About Trump,” informed me: “His past is not a past someone brings into the presidency, and he’s not so stupid that he wouldn’t have understood that. And I think he naturally feared the kind of examination that he’s undergone since the election.”

But as a result of he wasn’t going to win, it wouldn’t matter that he’d paid off ladies with whom he’d had affairs, that he’d dispatched Cohen on so many unsavory errands, that he’d surrounded himself with such shady characters, that he refused to launch his tax returns, that he cast forward with the Trump International Hotel in Washington, that he vulgarly insulted the very lawmakers a president would wish to collaborate with and that he surrendered any declare to ethical authority by trafficking in racism and xenophobia. There could be no penalties as a result of there could be no crown.

“This was a publicity gambit,” D’Antonio mentioned. “It’s almost as if he believed that his candidacy was a joke, so under that circumstance, rigging polls and shouting about locking her up and issuing these racially charged lies about immigrants was O.K., because he wasn’t going to be president anyway. What he was doing was trying out ideas for his persona.”

Through that lens, this presidency and its shortcomings make full sense. Trump couldn’t assemble and handle a top-notch cupboard as a result of he’d by no means readied himself for that job. He couldn’t let go of any of the engines of his wealth as a result of he’d by no means prioritized public service above it. He couldn’t say what the nation wanted him to after the violence in Charlottesville, Va., as a result of he had no real interest in the position of statesman and had by no means supposed to play it. Rare is the one that finds an entire new ability set at his stage of the sport, and rarer nonetheless is the one that finds an entire new set of ideas.

“I believe he’s effectively conscious of his lack of mental sophistication and persistence and maturity and competence, which is why he’s at all times talking to these faults in public venues,” O’Brien mentioned. “He knows deep down inside that he’s not up to the demands of the office.”

Two years into his presidency, the remainder of us understand it, too.

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