Revealing My Travel Essentials After 13 Years of Traveling the World

Excited to be partnering with Pantene on this video! Learn more about my must-have travel essential the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots:

When I was recently on vacation in Mexico, I got so many messages and comments from you guys asking for a video about my travel essential secrets… so I decided to give you what you want 💃🏻🌴

I put together a list of all my travel tips and tricks, including all of my beauty, fashion and packing essentials.

Let me know in the comments below what YOUR travel essentials are! I need to know for my next vacation 🙌

0:54 – Protect Your Hair
2:53 – Focus On Fashion
5:52 – Focus On Beauty
9:40 – Pack Like A Pro
14:12 – Prepare For The Plane





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  1. Impressive video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we adore to notice this amazing contents. We make Travel & Food films as well, world wide, and so we are constantly interested in inspirations and also ideas. Thank You.

  2. the video i needed! i'm planning some trips for this year but since i don't travel too often, i've no idea of what i can take with me! thanks Valeria, this video helped me a lot! love you <3

  3. My girlfriend is out for a week to visit belgium with her friends and i keep finding myself coming to valeria's videos because of her. When she's with me she always says "Valeria just posted a new video, lets go watch it!" and coming here somehow makes me feel like she's around ahah

  4. У МЕНЯ ШОООК!!!
    Ты ведь русско говорящая💕💕💕
    Вот бы ответила:))

  5. Glass doesn't allow the UV radiation to pass through it, so you can sit next to the window whithout any problem in the airplane !

  6. Pantene doesn't mix well with your holistic brand Valeria :/ There are so many small companies that use pure cosmetics and could benefit from your promotion… <3

  7. Hi Valeria, follow you since the beginning, but these sponsored videos are very annoying.
    I am close to unsubscribing if you keep doing these sponsored videos we can't relate to. Hope you put better content out here! I know you don't care about the judgemental comments, because you are in a good place, we know that.. but please listen to the feedback.

  8. Hey Valeria! Thanks for that video <3 . I wanted to ask if you have a name of sunscream that isn't dangerous for the environment? Thanks!

  9. Valeria I adore your videos, bit i've recently been finding the quality a little off. Things such as titles, etc. have been seeming a little bit clickbait-ey, and tacky, which is disappointing since you are soooo not that. I know that you are so classy and elegant, and your content is so amazing that i'm confused why things are not being presented that way. ❤️

  10. maybe this is more a message to sponsors rather than content creators, but whenever i see a video titled 'essentials' or 'favourites' and it's sponsored (plus the sponsor's products are in said essentials) i honestly just don't trust it to be genuine 🙁 but i still do love all of your other content and the other advice you popped in here! much love from new zealand x

  11. I'm going to Russia this June for 3 weeks with my parents and brother. We haven't been back since we left, over 20 years ago. I'm so excited to see my family and where I grew up as a little girl. Definetly trying not to over pack because I don't want to haul everything for over 24 hour of travel time. 😂 And going on a mini cruise vacay in March to Cabo. So excited! Love you and your videos ❤

  12. Nail chips are so huge ! It turns your whole look around on vacation and the salt water and bathing in the water in general totally makes your nails chip faster. But neutral hands are so necessary I’m all about going nuts on the toes

  13. Not packing heels is great advice because let’s be real when you let go, when your feet get swollen, when you’re drunk you ain’t going to be wearing heels. I do incorporate a wedge once in a blue moon

  14. I am disappointed you promote such a brand like Pantene. It’s not just bad but such cheap ingredients. Not taking about animal testing.


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