Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan: Who's the bigger sports icon? | First Take

Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre of High Noon join Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim Rose on First Take super debate week to discuss whether Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan is more iconic. Max actually would take Muhammad Ali over them but agrees with Bomani that MJ is more iconic. Pablo and Stephen A. explains that Tiger’s larger global appeal pushes him past Jordan.

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  1. What a disrespectful and arrogant comment to make, Max. Golf is one of the hardest sports, physically and mentally, in the world.

  2. I've known several people who have played many sports and regard golf as the most difficult sport. Also, Michael Jordan has been playing golf for years and has never been any good at it. Golf is a sport, and a very difficult one at that.

  3. Max you don't play any sports so you should just keep your mouth shut. Golf is the hardest sport in the world. I would love to see him play from the professional tees on any golf course. You and the other 99% of the population would walk off the course with mental problems.

  4. Lol the people who say MJ is bigger have no idea. Tiger is the man all over the world. Plenty of places don’t know of or even give a fuck about MJ.

  5. Tiger Woods is most likely the best Hand Eye Coordinated athlete besides Babe Ruth (stats) we have ever seen. The real reason Tiger transcends sport isn't just because it is a White person dominate sport but because its a SINGLE PERSON SPORT. Its you against the field. Unfortunately in this discussion this was never brought up. Now, I also agree its not even close… JORDAN.

  6. People didn't watch basketball for Jordan. Tiger put golf on another level. Jordan might have been 6-0 in the finals but he by far had the best team in the league for 3 of those finals given every other contender was either to old or had 1 HOF. Tiger came in the best n is still showing why he is at the top. Jordan did not do that.

  7. Why is it that yall always trynna put black people against each other ?? the facts remain that both athletes are the one of if not THE biggest sport icons in their respective fields and the are both black. Clear representations of black excellence and great inspiration and role models for our young black kings and upcoming black athletes, to know that people that look like them can achieve greatness . THAT should be the discussion, not who's bigger. SMH !


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