Titans of Tech Testify in Their Trust-Me Suits

Not for them, even, the prospers of a pocket hankie or a lapel pin. The reference was, if something, the boys in the grey flannel fits of yore.

That they wore such fits in any respect was a nod to the mores of Washington, as a result of in their pure atmosphere, denizens of the digital world typically see the clothes as sartorial shackles that replicate outdated methods of considering. But these witnesses’ outfits, in their easy styling, each separated the chief executives from their conventional camouflage, thus making them appear much less subversively Other, and conveyed respect for the workplace earlier than which the boys had been showing.

All of the committee members wore conservative fits or jackets too, save Greg Steube, the Republican congressman of Florida, who modeled many shades of grape, and Jim Jordan, the Republican congressman from Ohio, who has made showing in shirt sleeves a trademark. The higher, he has stated, to really feel able to rumble.

Indeed, judging by his undone cuffs, already turned again and poised to be rolled up, in addition to his combative language (and tendency to maintain forgetting to place his masks on), he was actually prepared this time. Though his opponents, sitting quietly in their on-screen model of “Hollywood Squares,” the Capitol model, appeared to be taking part in a distinct half.

After all, in case you are attempting to persuade a bunch of lawmakers that the phrases they hold utilizing to explain you — “dominant,” “power,” “billions,” “trillions” — will not be practically the entire story, you don’t need to simply inform the story of how you’re the embodiment of the American success story; of your humble beginnings and loopy goals. You don’t need to simply give voice to your concern for patrons and customers and small companies. You need to channel Clark Kent of Smallville, quite than Superman.

Well, they wouldn’t look excellent in tights, anyway.

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