Trump: We want to hear both sides on Kavanaugh allegations

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, President Trump says the Supreme Court confirmation process will be delayed so the sexual assault accusations can be addressed. He also scolded Senate Democrats for waiting to bring the allegations to light.

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30 Responsesso far.

  1. Hawkin's Dog says:

    Now kavanaugh's accuser wants a "full investigation" by the FBI before she testifies. I think this woman just proved that she is a lying piece of trash who at the behest of the democrats/deep state is trying to drag out Kavanaugh's confirmation until after the mid term elections.

  2. PC-FX! says:

    Last gallup poll from Wednesday 19

    "39% of Americans said they favored his confirmation to the Supreme Court and 42% were opposed"

  3. Ellie MM says:

    Don't be complacent: Vote this November!!

  4. Brian Morrison says:

    Hes terrified

  5. great outdoors says:

    Tens of millions of patriotic Americans are praying that our nut-case president will soon be put in an asylum

  6. Mark Scott Staggs says:

    Two sides of a story? You mean one side of a Feinstein fairytale! This a stalling tactic not a so-called rape case.

  7. Philip Vincent says:

    Vote blue and keep these criminals out of office! Maga= MORONS ARE GOVERNING AMERICA!!!

  8. Comrad Trump says:

    Comrad Trump approves. MAGA 2020. Long Live Russia.

  9. C. A. J says:

    Pathetic Democrats.

  10. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    "We want to hear both sides" We're not interested in what actually happened but we want to hear both sides.

  11. Mueller scares trump says:

    Stormy Daniels recounts alleged tryst with Trump in salacious detail, describes President's privates as a 'toadstool' with 'Yeti pubes'

  12. Amish Space Force says:

    they should allow White House staff to use cattle prods to herd the press

  13. Amy says:

    Another false accuser just like with Judge Roy Moore…Where are those women now????

  14. Libtards Whisperer says:

    Kavanaugh will be confirmed and DemoRats are going to jail very soon.

  15. Mario Alan Logan says:

    Too little, too late. Diane Feinstein held this information for a political reason. Shame on her and shame on the modern DNC for being obstructionists.

    When one party is the minority they should offer oppossing viewpoints and work with the majority party. The DNC needs to clean house of the obstructionists. The American people demand results from their elected officials. The anti-Trump movement is too short-sighted. He will be out of office in either 2020 or 2024. The DNC needs to look beyond that and find ways to reach across the aisle to work the GOP in order to benefit the American people in the long run.

    Right now we have a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is highly qualified and the issue should have been settled months ago when Feinstein recieved the information. The DNC grandstading hurts their chances gaining positions in November. I conclude by saying shame on Senators Feinstein, Harris, and Booker for their rude behavior; we the people need policy makers not bullies.

  16. Julie Roop says:

    Please watch utube vid. Anonymous: CIA Paymaster Trys to bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavenaugh

  17. ModernProspector says:

    Trump 2020! It will be glorious when Trump makes his third Supreme Court pick as soon as Ruth Ginsburg retires during his second term.

  18. Raven Slane says:

    Gees, this video literally has the only title that isn’t biased about this news.

  19. pat jack says:

    Kanvanaugh and Trump are uuuugggggggggggllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  20. Caroline Valdez says:

    Confirm him already!!!

  21. Robert Kautz says:

    Let the woman speak, then arrest her and Feinstein.

  22. Louise B says:

    "Kavanaugh gave himself away ! he said the year ! the womans statement made no mention of the year just sometime in the eighties ! GUILTY BY HIS OWN WORDS !"

  23. Gregor Samsa says:

    Why doesn't the moron just deny that the rape accuser exists at all like he did with the 3,000 dead people in Puerto Rico?

  24. Zbigniew Modrzejewski says:

    Why don't FBI investigate Hillary instead of Kavanah ?!

  25. mikespg says:

    i love the lady who kicks out all the reporters every time Trump says thank you, she really goes all out.

  26. Michele Mcmillian says:

    What's next, he stole a cookie from the cookie job when he was 5? Vote Republican!

  27. joan lapi says:

    Senator Feinstein did this on purpose – however we can’t give the Democrats the whole loaf of bread- you are going 1/2 way & being fair – if they want to go past Monday – No way . That’s the deadline. I think Protesters that go to jail cannot be bailed out for two or three days warned in advance. Protesters should be 50 ft away outside. We do not want a circus . ??

  28. William Baker says:

    Well that's the drop.
    He's not going to be confirmed.
    1. Delayed till the elections in 45 days.
    2. Or rino Republicans for yes "because of that brave woman"

  29. Craig Peeke says:

    Lie slander

  30. Jason Jason says:

    God bless President Trump, he lays waste to the Democrats!! I will be sad to see him go in 2020