Unanswered Questions After Black Christmas 2019

Imogen Poots stars as protagonist and closing lady Riley Stone in 2019’s socially aware slasher Black Christmas, directed by Sophia Takal, which succinctly wraps up a number of its unfastened ends and solely leaves just a few unanswered questions by the film’s conclusion.

In the movie, a misogynist fraternity on the fictitious Hawthorne College makes use of a supernatural heirloom from the college’s racist, sexist founder, Calvin Hawthorne, to actual a ugly punishment upon sorority sisters who they’ve deemed disobedient. Before the sisters can defend themselves from their demonically possessed pursuers by any means obligatory, they’re pressured to first overcome their inside demons. Very little is left to the viewers’s creativeness, in contrast to in Poots’ 2020 movie Vivarium, which locations her character in a decidedly extra opaque scenario. By the top of Black Christmas, which is the second remake of Bob Clark’s 1974 cult horror traditional of the identical identify, the women-hating villains are introduced out into the open, their plans laid naked for all to see.

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Although some particulars, just like the origin of Hawthorne’s incantation, the black goo, and the mysterious DivaCup, are solely vaguely touched upon, just about every thing on this supernatural horror film is wrapped and tied up neatly. Still, there are just a few questions that went unaddressed in Takal’s film.

The Black Christmas Ant Metaphor: Who Are The Ants?

Imogen Poots in Black Christmas Remake

This model of Black Christmas, co-written by Takal and April Wolfe, depends partially on the ant metaphor. Observant viewers could have observed the ant farm (by the way, a kind of vivarium) on the desk of Professor Gelson (Cary Elwes) early within the movie. After that, Riley’s sorority sister Marty (Lily Donoghue) explains how her superb pals could be like ants: they’re sturdy, act as a unit, and in a means can’t be killed as a result of every one is an extension of the others.

The closing look of the ant metaphor is when the viewers discovers that the possessed fraternity brothers, known as a military within the movie, behave in some ways identical to ants. Exactly why the writers selected to insert this metaphor into the script is anybody’s guess, nevertheless it most likely has one thing to do with the notion of ants as being senseless drones, and their classification as social bugs. Interestingly, the ant metaphor is acceptable for each the protagonists and antagonists of the movie, however for various causes.

What Does Riley See In The Fire?

Black Christmas - Crying Statue

At the top of the movie, the viewers learns that Professor Gelson is the chief of the movie’s supernatural band of dangerous boys. Riley and the opposite so-called disobedient sisters defeat his misogynistic militia by smashing Hawthorne’s bust. Riley’s sister Kris (Aleyse Shannon) tosses a lit oil lamp on the professor’s ft, setting him and the fraternity home aflame. As Riley watches the home burn, her face shows a spread of feelings. At first, she has a easy look of reduction on her face as she is catching her breath. This step by step turns into a smile, presumably generated by the sense of accomplishment she should really feel after conquering each her inner and exterior demons in a single fell swoop. But her smile doesn’t final lengthy; quickly, it turns into certainly one of each shock and fear.

It is unimaginable to inform whether or not this look on her face is part of the story, or is just part of Imogen Poots’ interpretation of the second. Considering that the sorority cat Claudette is seen licking up black goo off the ground throughout the credit, and that in an alternate ending of Black Christmas, Riley’s love curiosity has black goo ominously dripping from his hand, it’s most likely secure to say that the sisters’ combat towards misogyny isn’t over, simply because the wrestle continues in actual life.

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