VENOM RAP by JT Music – "No Hero"

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Movie was meh, but the character and his tone was well worth us exploring in musical form. We hope you dig it!

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VENOM RAP by JT Music – “No Hero”


  1. I really dig the lyrics. Im not trying to dis in anyway shape or form I couldnt write it or sing it. But maybe a different voice? Not that its like oh my god your hideous stop I totally feel it. I love it. I just wonder how a different voice would sound.

  2. Wait so in this movie venom is good but in the spider man movie he is bad what kind of logic is that…… ah i don't care cause this song is one of my favourite

  3. I love this wrap the only problem with it is I cry so hard to sing along and then ruin it bye not keeping up!!!! 🤣

  4. Ok so here my opinion:
    The music is near perfect for me. Just that the carnage reference shouldn't be here because the other symbiote is actually Riot, not carnage.
    Still listened the f out of it yesterday and more times to come 👏

  5. We’re no hero tonight we’re the monster you need


    Edit: who am I kidding the whole songs awesome


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