Virgos Are Queen of Teen Internet

Tright here’s proof that, in 2018, individuals on-line began to take astrology extra severely.

You could have had a hunch that this was a factor, however the shift was evident on Tumblr, traditionally the supply of many of the perfect astrology jokes and memes, like this publish assessing the solar indicators of a bunch of massive chef dolls.

These days, the astrology humor is much less of a presence on the platform. Amanda Brennan, Tumblr’s developments professional, mentioned that many customers had stopped joking about astrology, half of a broader shift away from memes that she has noticed in well-liked tradition.

“When it comes to figuring out your identity on a larger scale, I think people are moving toward, ‘I don’t want to be funny about this anymore,’” she mentioned. “‘I want to be more serious about what my identity means.’”

Tumblr has taken a cue from its customers and included the research of the celebs in its annual year-end rankings. The web site makes use of the quantity of searches, posts and reblogs inside well-liked topic areas on Tumblr to call the 12 months’s most talked-about matters. On a platform constructed for individuals to obsess over issues, the lists are a key to what individuals obsessed over most.

This is available in an enormous 12 months over all within the socio-celestial media area. Co-Star, an astrology app that delivers daily readings and insight into users’ compatibility, said it gained 1.3 million users. Instagram and Twitter accounts focused on the cosmos saw their followings surge.

As with all crazes, astrology has its zealots. For the past decade, the humorless people of the world were the ones most likely to spoil the fun by pointing out that astrology isn’t real. Now it’s those humorless people who may start to take their star charts Extremely Seriously.

Courtney Perkins, who started the Instagram account @notallgeminis early this year, said that her relationship with astrology was mostly lighthearted. She said that most of her followers shared that attitude, but that there were exceptions.

“I think the thing that people take most seriously is compatibility,” Ms. Perkins said. “That’s the thing that I get the most questions about so far: ‘Will I work with this person?’ I think astrology is a really fun tool for talking about yourself in an era where none of us can afford therapy. But when people start to rule out romantic prospects or evaluate their friendships based on star signs, I feel like that can be a slippery slope.”

Earlier this month, Ms. Perkins, Ms. Brennan and Banu Guler, the chief executive of Co-Star, talked about the four signs that showed up at the top of Tumblr’s list — and the sign that went least discussed this year.

Aries are always on their phone,” Ms. Brennan said.

It may be that the Tumblr rankings largely correspond to people researching their own signs. But Scorpios are the sign that is perhaps of most interest to people who are not Scorpios. Ms. Brennan said that Scorpio blogs abound on Tumblr.

“I think there’s kind of a mystery around the Scorpio that people are really drawn to,” she said. “I don’t have the data to back it … it’s kind of my theory that a lot of people are just trying to figure out Scorpios.”

That said, Scorpios are basically guaranteed to remind you when their season comes around, whether verbally or with a link to an object they desire. Mejuri, a Canadian jewelry company that targets young people, said that its Scorpio necklace was the most popular of its 12 Zodiac necklaces. (The Gemini necklace was the runner-up.)

And then, there’s …

“It doesn’t surprise me that Sagittarius is toward the bottom,” Ms. Guler said. “I feel like part of Sagittarius’s nature is that they don’t seem like astrology nerds. There’s, like, a healthy dose of skepticism in Sagittarius, so it makes sense that they’re at the bottom.”

Happy Sagittarius Season, y’all.

A Word About the Rankings

Tumblr takes note of any action taken on the site (searches, posts, reblogs) and gives more weight to those that are more visible (posts and reblogs, for instance, matter more than searches). Tumblr tags actions that pertain to certain topics, like astrology or ships, and, at the end of the year, compiles a definitive list for each topic. Here’s the full astrology list.

1. Virgo

2. Leo

3. Aries

4. Scorpio

5. Aquarius

6. Gemini

7. Capricorn

8. Taurus

9. Libra

10. Pisces

11. Cancer

12. Sagittarius

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