Yuengling sisters didn’t realize value of family name until college

Growing up in a small city with a family brewery made the Yuengling sisters unaware of the importance of their final name.

“I don’t think I realized the power of the brand until I went away to college and people recognized it,” Wendy Yuengling, who now runs the brewery along with her three sisters, stated on an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success.”

“And, you know, you grow up in a small town in Pennsylvania and we were just another family business in town,” she continued. “And I don’t think we thought twice about, you know — we made beer.”

The oldest family-run brewery in America, D.G. Yuengling & Son began producing beer in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Dick Yuengling purchased the brewery in 1985, which made 137,000 barrels on the time.

Today, Yuengling has a number of breweries producing 2 million barrels yearly. With different family companies within the small city, Yuengling sisters Wendy, Jen, Debbie, and Sheryl didn’t stand out locally.

“When I got into college, the brands were growing. My dad had done a lot to turn around the company and he had introduced some new flavors that really put us on the map, so it was a much different company then. And then, as you get into the 2000s, our brands just took off,” Wendy stated.

The sisters had been requested by their father in the event that they had been desirous about serving to run the brewery within the late 1990s, to which all of them stated sure. Each sister performs a distinct position throughout the firm. Wendy handles advertising and Jen, who additionally sat down with “This Is Success,” handles operations.

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“We each made commitments to the family business because there’s a tremendous sense of pride in keeping it going. That’s a big part of our identity in my mind, and I think it’s important to our employees, who are also heavily invested in the company with their own families,” Wendy stated.

Working with family might be tough at occasions, however family is a core value at Yuengling — which has been handed down throughout the family for six generations.

“It feels really good to know you have that support. And I think we’re very lucky — to be a six-generation family business is unbelievable, but we’re four women in the sixth generation and, for our company, this is the first time the business will go from father to daughters,” Wendy stated. “I think when you look around and you see, I get to work every day with my three sisters, that is very satisfying.”

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