Yuengling sisters run brewery by calling on their different skill sets

Yuengling is the oldest family-run brewery in America producing greater than 2 million barrels of beer yearly. Four sisters, Jen, Wendy, Debbie, and Sheryl Yuengling, had been requested by their father in the event that they needed to affix the household enterprise and assist run the brewery within the late 1990s.

Jen and Wendy not too long ago sat down for an interview for Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success.” Wendy handles advertising and Jen runs operations on the brewery however studied psychology in faculty, which she mentioned helps the household dynamic.

“I think we make it work very well because we each have different skill sets and we’re each responsible for different roles and we play different roles,” Jen mentioned.

At first, patriarch Dick Yuengling ran the corporate as any entrepreneur would and made a number of choices with out consulting his daughters. But over time, that modified and the household dynamic grew stronger every year the sisters labored on the brewery.

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“Over the last few years, as we’ve all sort of stepped into leadership roles and are more involved, I think we are taking more pressure off of our dad and taking off of his plate and starting to run with certain things in the business, and we each drive certain parts of the company,” Wendy mentioned.

Today, if the sisters have a brand new concept for the corporate, they all the time run it by their 75-year-old father.

“And he’s been quintessential entrepreneur and he’s on the down slope of that, which is to be expected, but the fact that he’s very supportive of some of these newer initiatives that we’ve set about — that saw the Golden Pilsner,” Jen mentioned.

Yuengling not too long ago got here out with the Golden Pilsner, the primary new Yuengling product in 17 years. Wendy mentioned there are moments the place they’ve to influence their father to maneuver ahead on initiatives.

“It probably happens once a week, but I think if we truly believe it’s the right thing for the company and it’s the right thing for the brand’s long term, we continue to make a case and he eventually does come around on most things,” Wendy mentioned.

Since 1985, Dick has been operating the brewery and understanding of the Yuengling places of work.

“He’s there every day, twice a day, but I think it means something to him that we’re there alongside him and we’re working long hours aside him, and I think there’s some comfort seeing that we’re taking on more responsibility, and I think he’s got confidence in what we’re doing,” Wendy mentioned.

Jen added: “In the most recent years, too, and maybe not so much as a company overall but personally, and where we’ve grown and really how he’s grown too with the company, and allowing us to assume these leadership roles.”

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