Zachary Levi of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Embraces His Inner Geek

It’s loopy to assume how obsessed I used to be,” mentioned Zachary Levi. “At one point in my life this was everything.”

Mr. Levi, who’s 6-foot-Four and newly buff, was on the primary ground of Midtown Comics, simply south of Times Square, gazing up at cabinets full of new releases. A former comics head and self-described nerd, Mr. Levi likes to browse each time he’s within the neighborhood.

He is starring within the second season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” as Benjamin, the grumpy physician who romances the title character, performed by Rachel Brosnahan. And whereas “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” hasn’t introduced a comics tie-in but, Benjamin — fast-talking, freethinking, enigmatic — is arguably a hero and his chemistry with Midge may explode a lab.

Benjamin’s superpower? “Logic,” Mr. Levi, 38, mentioned. Is that sufficient to face up to the pressure of nature that’s Midge? That’s a query for the third season.

Mr. Levi also admired a “Star Wars” comic that styles Leia and Han like the farmers of “American Gothic.” “Tell me that’s not clever!” he said.

He wanted to see the toys and collectibles. “How do you go upstairs?” he said to a pair of boyish Midtown Comics employees. Then he answered his own question: “Oh. Where the stairs are.”

He ascended them with a speed that wasn’t quite Mercury’s, eating a meal replacement bar on the way. “Every two hours I have another meal,” he said.

Mr. Levi made a beeline toward a wall of X-Men figurines. “Gambit was my favorite,” he said, pointing to one figurine. “Because he was a total ladies man and spoke with that Cajun accent.” He went hunting for a Shazam figure in the DC Comics section, and Henry Varona, a baby-faced staffer, had to break the news to him that he wouldn’t find it.

“There’s really not one?” Mr. Levi said. “Come on. Really?”

He stared at a wall of bighead collectibles called Pops and was reminded that the toy company Funko didn’t make a figurine from his “Tangled” character, Flynn Rider. “They have a Rapunzel Pop and Maximus the Horse Pop and no Flynn Rider. What does a guy have to do to get a Funko Pop?”

He eventually found Shazam, albeit in T-shirt form. “Does that ever get old?” Mr. Varona asked him. “No way, man,” Mr. Levi said, shaking his head as he admired the yellow lightning bolt. “It’s just the coolest.” Being entrusted with playing a superhero, he added, “is something you get for the rest of your life, and to me that’s a very big honor.”

After Mr. Levi checked out some high-end figurines, Rich Capobianco, the sales manager, asked him to sign back issues of “Shazam!” and he obliged. “This will be on eBay in 10 minutes,” he joked.

“Five,” Mr. Capobianco said.

He posed for selfies with the staff and then joined everyone in a group shot. “Shazam!” they said as the camera phones clicked.

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